What ‘PowerApps’ Can Do For Your App-Making Productivity

December 9, 2015 • Devin Partida



Do you have a great idea for an app but don’t know how to create it? Are you currently trying to learn how to write code? Do you know code but can’t create an app?

If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions, then you’re in luck. Microsoft just made your life a lot easier.

Microsoft has announced a new software called PowerApps that will change the way people build apps. This software will be beneficial for both beginners and experienced developers. Users will be able to create apps much faster with the software, increasing their overall app-making productivity.

What Is PowerApps?

PowerApps, Microsoft’s latest venture, makes it easy for anyone to build applications that serve business purposes. Microsoft noticed that the productivity of many companies was halted by an innovation gap. The gap was caused by a lack of skilled developers, scattered data and limited sharing through mobile devices.

Microsoft vowed to find a solution to these problems — PowerApps. PowerApps lets you create an app that allows you to share information and data with coworkers. By using programs including Office 365, Dynamics CRM, OneDrive, Dropbox and Salesforce, employees can easily transfer data to each other by using the app.

This app offers benefits to business employers and anyone looking to increase their app-making productivity.

No Need to Learn Code

One of the most prominent features of PowerApps is that you don’t need to learn code to build an app. You can simply insert features that you like or connect an Excel or Word document to the program, and the PowerApps program will take care of the rest.

This will come in handy for anyone looking to build a business app. Rather than waste valuable time trying to learn the appropriate code to build your app, you can make it instantly with just a few clicks. You can make a functioning app that will serve your business purposes without hiring a programmer to come in and build it for you.

Smoother Workflow

Workflow is often a problem in the workplace. The challenge of getting documents and the right information from the right people quickly — even with the connection offered through our mobile devices — is the problem that Microsoft is trying to fix by pursuing PowerApps.

By using cloud-based technology, PowerApps makes sure that everyone is connected to the same document and data, creating a smoother workflow and an increase in productivity. If you’re developing an app with other people, you can use this technology to assign roles and tasks for the day. You can also send each other snippets of code for your co-workers to use.

Create App to Manage Time

Time management is a key component for productivity. This is especially true if you’re creating apps because you can easily get caught up on a side project. You can use PowerApps to create a separate time management app that will boost your productivity.

This app can contain a schedule for the entire day. You can create a schedule in Microsoft Excel, and then connect it to PowerApps through Dropbox. The schedule can be interactive and allow employees to adjust times that they’re available.

You can also create a to-do list with PowerApps. Since they’re connected through the cloud, employees can write tasks that they’re working on. They can also update the task’s status and ask for help if they need it.

Use It Wisely

There are many features in PowerApps that you can utilize to increase your own app-making productivity. Be sure to utilize these features to their full potential.