The 6 Best LG Smart TV Apps

June 11, 2021 • Devin Partida


You’ve picked up a smart TV. Now you need apps that can help you get the most out of your purchase.

Smart TVs can do a lot more than cable. With the right LG smart TV apps, you can stream music, watch viral videos and browse news articles without needing any extra devices.

These apps  are some of the best out there that are compatible with LG smart TVs.

1. Netflix

The reigning champ of entertainment apps, Netflix works just as well on your smart TV as it does anywhere else.

With the Netflix app and a subscription to the service, you’ll have access to a large catalog of shows and movies. You’ll also be able to browse and control the app with your remote control, no extra devices necessary.

If you have a subscription to Netflix, the app is a must-have for your smart TV.

2. YouTube and YouTube TV

YouTube, and its companion app YouTube TV, also work great on smart televisions. These apps will give you full access to videos hosted on YouTube, as well as the YouTube TV streaming service.

With this service, you’ll have instant access to live TV, on-demand video and cloud-based DVR services.

YouTube is one of the best entertainment apps for smart TV owners — and if you’re missing out on a few channels, YouTube TV can also be a great investment.

3. Spotify

If you want to use your smart TV to listen to music, but don’t have a home entertainment setup with a record or DVD player, you’ll need some kind of streaming app.

With YouTube, you’ll have access to a lot of music — but you may miss out on full albums or songs from certain artists.

The Spotify app lets you stream more than 50 million tracks. With a subscription to the service, you’ll also get ad-free listening, curated playlists and access to a wide range of podcasts, as well.

4. Pandora

If you prefer a listening experience that’s closer to radio — where you listen to what’s on, potentially discovering new songs and artists — Pandora is a great alternative to other streaming apps. 

With Pandora, you select from existing stations or create your own by choosing a band or song. The app’s algorithm will then create a playlist, playing you music that’s in the genre you selected, or similar to the band or song you picked. 

The base app is completely free, but you can also upgrade to unlock ad-free listening and unlimited skips with a monthly subscription.

5. AccuWeather

With AccuWeather, you can get the latest updates on weather in your area. This free app has everything you’d expect from a weather app — alerts, forecasts and hourly predictions on weather. 

The app also features personalized, lifestyle forecasts that help you plan outings. If you enjoy fishing, hiking or spending time outdoors, this app is a good way to know when to expect the best weather for a day trip.

6. Newsy

If you want to watch the news, but don’t want to watch any of the big news channels, there’s the Newsy app. 

The app provides video updates sourced from major outlets — like Reuters, AP News and BBC. With your remote, you can quickly navigate from story to story, learning about the major events of the day at your pace.

Like other news aggregation apps, it also includes some personalization features, allowing you to tailor your news feed so that you get updates on the topics that are most important to you.

These Apps Help You Get the Most Out of Your Smart TV

With these apps, you can use your smart TV for almost any kind of entertainment. Whether you want to listen to music, catch up on the latest news or watch on-demand video, these LG smart TV apps have you covered.