How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram

March 30, 2023 • Shannon Flynn


It happens to everyone: You suddenly realize you haven’t seen someone’s posts in a while, but when you search for their profile, you get zero hits. Did they delete their account? Or, did the most-dreaded social media interaction — the infamous, often soul-crushing block, which feels like the online equivalent of a restraining order — finally happen to you? Here’s how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram. 

Doing Some Sleuthing

You’ve probably already done this, but the first step is to look up the person-in-question’s profile via different avenues:

  • Ask a friend with an Instagram account to look up the person’s profile. If they can see the account, you’ve likely been blocked. If your friend can’t see the account, however, it’s possible that the person deactivated their account and nobody can see it. 
  • You can also search for the person’s comments or likes on another Instagram page they follow. Can you see them? If so, their account still exists. 
  • Do a Google search for the account from an incognito page. If it shows up, that’s another way to determine if the person blocked you. 
  • Check your group chat messages with the person. If you can still see their name in a group chat but not in your one-on-one messages, then they have blocked you. 
  • If they have a public profile, search for it while logged in to your account. If the page says “No Posts Yet” and you can’t see any of their information, this confirms that they blocked you. 

If you’re really bold, you could also just ask the person face-to-face if they blocked you on Instagram. However, this might not go over well — after all, they blocked you for a reason. It might be best to cut your losses and accept that they don’t want to interact with you. 

What Happens When You’re Blocked?

If you’re wondering how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram, there are some telltale signs. Here are a few things you can no longer do when a person blocks you:

  1. You Can’t Send Them Messages

From your end, it will look like you can keep sending them messages in their DMs. On their end, however, they won’t actually receive them. 

  1. You Can’t Video Chat

Instagram won’t allow you to video chat with a person who blocked you. 

  1. You Can’t View Their Story or Posts

This is likely what led you to discover you were blocked in the first place. Their account will either not appear or will show that they haven’t posted anything. 

  1. You Can No Longer Follow Them

If you’ve been blocked on Instagram, the Follow button will stop working on that person’s page. 

The Most Common Reasons for Blocking Someone

Blocking a person’s account is often a last resort to keep them out of your life. Some reasons people may block you on Instagram include:

  • Going through a breakup
  • Preventing bullying
  • Hiding content that upsets them
  • Avoiding extreme or differing political views 

It may not be personal. Your Instagram account isn’t always a reflection of who you really are, and the person who blocked you might have simply wanted to avoid certain content. For example, someone struggling with an eating disorder might block accounts that offer dieting tips or only promote certain body types. Try your best to move on after being blocked. 

Learning That Someone Blocked You on Instagram

It might be uncomfortable, but knowing that someone blocked you is for the best. It allows you to give that person space, move on and make new friendships, and it might even help you grow as a person.