Best 6 Sites for Online Grocery Shopping

January 10, 2019 • Zachary Amos


Today’s on-demand economy is changing how consumers and businesses interact, even when it comes to grocery shopping. Since half the on-demand users are millennials, it’s safe to say the trend of online grocery shopping isn’t going away.

As more retailers offer online shopping and quick delivery, it can save you both time and money to understand where to buy your groceries online. Here are six of the best sites to go to for your online grocery shopping.

1. Peapod

Peapod includes anything you would find at Giant or a Stop & Shop store for comparable prices. You can shop online 24/7 by browsing through the different Peapod “aisles” such as meat, produce, deli, dairy and more.

The service requires a minimum order of $60, and there are delivery fees based on the size of your order. However, new customers can often get discounts. The one downside of Peapod is that there is no same-day delivery, and there’s a $4 fee if you opt for unattended delivery.

2. AmazonFresh

The AmazonFresh grocery delivery service allows you to order your groceries through Amazon and get them delivered right to your home. AmazonFresh does offer same-day delivery, and you choose the delivery times that work best for you.

You can pick from specialty items on the website, such as seasonal gift baskets, Whole Foods items and sports nutrition.

3. Google Express

Google Express is a shopping service that allows you to purchase items from many different stores and compile them into one or a few deliveries.

For example, Whole Foods, Costco, Giant, Staples, Walgreens and more are available to shop from. Each store has a minimum purchase price, but prices are usually similar to those in store.

If you choose to use Google Express, try making the process even simpler by using your Google Assistant to place the order. You can also use Google Tasks to create a grocery list that you check off as you go online grocery shopping.

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4. FreshDirect

If you’re looking for fresh, organic options, FreshDirect can help with your online grocery shopping. The items on the site come from local farms and dairies, and there are specialized food items for individuals with kosher, gluten-free or organic food preferences.

FreshDirect has not yet expanded to serve all areas in the United States, so it’s essential to enter your ZIP code into the site before you start shopping to make sure they deliver in your area.

5. Walmart

It seems like almost everyone has a Walmart near them, making it a good option for online grocery shopping. Walmart offers free local pickup and other delivery options from your local store.

If you need items besides food and drinks, it’s a good option, since the site includes non-grocery items. However, there is a delivery fee per order, and there’s a minimum order limit to qualify for delivery.

If you choose to pick up your groceries at your local Walmart, consider downloading the Grocery King app. This app includes a database of stores in your area and lets you know what’s open and closed, and if you’re passing a store that has an item on your list.

It can help identify where else you need to go while you’re on your way to Walmart.

6. Safeway

Finally, choose to do your online grocery shopping at Safeway, where purchases come directly from the location near you. There is a delivery fee that varies based on the overall price of your order, and there are occasional fuel charges to watch out for.

However, the site offers new-customer discounts, and the prices of different items compare to those in store.

Start Online Grocery Shopping Today

It can be difficult to find the time to run to the grocery store between work, taking care of kids and just living life. Take advantage of online grocery shopping to get the items you need in record time without even stepping foot inside a grocery store.


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