Feeling Defeated at Work? 8 Things to Do

January 11, 2019 • Rehack Team


If you’re feeling defeated and burnt out at work, you’re not alone. Work isn’t always enjoyable and some days are worse than others. But when life hands you challenges, there are some work habits, productivity tips and things you can do to get over the hump to make work fun and still stay productive.

Check out the following eight tips for overcoming feeling defeated at work.

1. Show Up

When going to work isn’t something you look forward to, getting out of bed in the morning becomes a struggle in itself.

A good work habit to improve your career involves punctuality. Or, better yet, showing up early. Showing up prepared to start the day, the meeting or the conference call makes everything go smoother and quicker. Before you know it, the day will end and your work will be done.

2. Set A Goal for the Day

By setting a positive goal for the day, you set yourself up for success. The goal could involve knocking out a huge project or smiling more at colleagues.

Or, your goal could involve reminding yourself how grateful you are to have a job. Either way, a goal gives you added purpose for showing up and will leave you feeling accomplished at the end of the day, not feeling defeated.

3. Get Organized

If you’re stressed under mountains of work, a great productivity solution to implement is organization. Knowing where everything is, what work you have to complete and when you have to complete your work will save you time and energy.

Taking the time to get organized and set a plan for the day will keep you from the feeling of fighting the clock.

4. Turn Up the Tunes

Music can make the time go by faster, especially when you have a playlist that motivates you. You can also get the office involved and make work fun and productive for everyone.

5. Move Around

Just like our joints become stiff from sitting or standing too long, so does our mind. By changing our position every once-in-a-while, we give our mind a chance to take a break from concentrating too hard.

Take a trip to the bathroom or do some stretching. It’ll leave your mind and body feeling re-energized and rejuvenated.

6. Take Breaks

Setting breaks for distractions prevent you from becoming distracted in the middle of deep work. So many noises can surround us at work — cell phones, email notifications and office conversations.

By setting a specific time to head to the water cooler or check your inbox, you leave yourself free to really focus on giving special attention to your most important projects.

7. Get Some Sun and Socialize

Another way you can take a break is getting out. It’s no secret that spending some time outside in the fresh air is good for the mind and body. Invite other coworkers to join you and talk about things non-work-related.

It’s a great way to bond with your colleagues and make the workplace more enjoyable.

8. Celebrate Achievements

When you’re no longer feeling defeated at work, you’ll celebrate the achievements you make. But don’t limit it to just your achievements. Celebrate your colleagues’ achievements as well.

Having an attitude of appreciation and gratitude at the office can make everyone happier. And, every goal accomplished and project completed becomes a bonding experience and cause for celebration.

Make Small Changes Today

Work doesn’t have to leave you feeling defeated when there are so many things you can do to make it fun and enjoyable. When you make small changes to your day and attitude, you get huge results.