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19 Best Movie Streaming Apps in 2019

August 9, 2019 • Zachary Amos


Everybody loves a good movie — especially when they can kick back, relax and stream a film from home. Skip the movie theater without paying a hefty cable bill to indulge in your favorite movies in the process. Here’s a look at some of our favorite low-cost — and free — movie streaming apps you won’t want to live without in 2019.

Paid Streaming Apps

In today’s society, video streaming is a must. Beat cable while still indulging in your favorite series or movies with these streaming apps below.

1. Hulu

Hulu is a great standard cable alternative without the hefty price. Hulu’s app is easy to use and adds new episodes of your favorite shows frequently. For an added price, you can skip commercials entirely, too.

Download: android or iPhone app

2. Amazon Prime Video

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, did you know that you have access to a vast array of movies and television series, too? Amazon Prime Video is included in your membership and grants you access to shows that’ll fulfill your binge-craving needs.

Download: android or iPhone app

3. Hallmark Movies Now

Who doesn’t love a good, ol’-fashioned Hallmark movie every now and again? Hallmark makes some of the best feel-good shows and movies you can imagine. So, that makes them the perfect platform for binging some T.V The Hallmark Movies Now service offers some of the best holiday streaming options available.

Download: android or iPhone app

4. Netflix

Nobody does streaming quite like Netflix. Not surprisingly, the platform offers original series you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re a fan of series or movies that may not be in your native language, Netflix fortunately offers simple-to-use subtitle and closed caption options. Some people have also unveiled secret codes that can help you find more things to watch.

Download: android or iPhone app

5. HBO Now

Are you an HBO fanatic who only need a subscription to browse series from this network? If so, then HBO Now is the perfect choice for you!

Download: android or iPhone app

6. DirecTV

If you’re a fan of HBO and can’t get enough of Game of Thrones, you’ll want an online streaming service like DirecTV. That’s because this TV streaming option includes HBO shows. Plus, you’ll find thousands of your other favorite channels, too.

Download: android or iPhone app

7. Playstation Vue

Playstation Vue gives you the option to add streaming services to your favorite gaming console. Additionally, you can record and save episodes via the DVR option for convenience.

Download: android or iPhone app

8. Philo

If you’re looking for a standard yet cost-effective streaming app, Philo may just be your favored cable television alternative. You can enjoy some of your favorite channels, such as Comedy Central, AMC and more.

Download: android or iPhone app

9. YouTube TV

YouTube TV gives most competitors a run for their money. Mostly, that’s due to the extensive amount of option available to its subscribers. If you’re already a fan of YouTube, upgrade to YouTube TV to gain access to the complete streaming experience.

Download: android or iPhone app

No-Cost Streaming Apps

Don’t feel like breaking out your credit card in the name of your favorite flix? Fortunately, you don’t have to. Here’s a look at some of the best no-cost streaming apps you can download today.

1. YouTube

YouTube tops the list of no-cost streaming apps that we guarantee you already have downloaded on your phone. Whether you’re catching up on your favorite YouTuber’s latest videos or browsing new music videos, YouTube is a fan-favorite streaming app you won’t want to skip.

Download: android or iPhone app

2. Popcorn Flix

Indulge in a new genre and make a fresh batch up popcorn while you enjoy free movies via Popcorn Flix — an app that brings full-length films to you at no cost.

Download: android or iPhone app

3. Cinema Box

Browse through new movies and TV shows in an easy-to-use app that also lets you download wallpapers and music. Also, consider “favoriting” your top shows to receive notifications on updates or to watch them later.

Download: android or iPhone app

4. Megabox HD

From your favorite tear-jerker romances to your favorite comedies, Megabox has it all. With this app, you’ll have fast access to box office movies and shows you won’t want to miss.

Download: android or iPhone app

5. Pluto TV

Who doesn’t like catching up on their favorite series — for free? Pluto TV offers over 100+ different channels and viewing options. So, you’re sure to find a new binge-worthy series to enjoy.

Download: android or iPhone app

6. Under Anime

If you’re an anime fan and want to binge on movies from solely this genre, then you’re in luck. That’s because Under Anime focuses on providing viewers with access to Japanese classics and newer series favorites. Browse the app to find a new show — or spend a day viewing the classics!

Download: android or iPhone app

7. TeaTV

With TeaTV, it’s easy to watch movie trailers, browse shows by ratings and look up movies similar to the one you just viewed. While you can’t stream or watch the movies via the app, you’ll have convenient access to all of the information you’ll need to watch these popular viewing options on their site.

Download: iPhone app

8. Freeflix HQ

Just like the name of this app suggests, Freeflix comes equipped with a mix of episodes you’ll love to watch — all for free. You’ll enjoy its added features, such as their watch-later option, too.

Download: android or iPhone app

9. Tubi TV

Choose from thousands of different streaming options with no fees involved. Not sure what to watch? Use their categories, such as their “not on Netflix” option, to find your new favorite show.

Download: android or iPhone app

10. Movie HD

Movie HD features a sleek interface with a mixed selection of tv shows and movies from a myriad of genres. What’s not to love? This app lets you easily find the best episodes with no hassle added.

Download: android or iPhone app

Grab your popcorn and butter. Maybe even add a box of your favorite chocolates or candies to the mix, too. Tonight can be a movie night you’ll enjoy from home courtesy of one — or several — of the video streaming apps mentioned above.