5 Ways to Stay Productive During the Summer

August 9, 2019 • Rehack Team


Looking for ways to stay productive during the summer?

When the hot weather hits, you’re more likely to think of lazy days spent by the beach. Or maybe you’re daydreaming about road trips across the country. Regardless of what you associate with summer, we’re betting productivity isn’t exactly a part of the equation.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t nail your goals and instill a sense of drive in your everyday work ethic during the warmer season, either. Here’s a list of tips and tricks that’ll help you get started.

1. Set Goals

Maybe you have a general idea in your head about where you want to be at in life. For many people, it’s best to take these visuals ideas and turn them into concrete and achievable goals that can reinstate a sense of motivation.

If you’re finding it especially challenging to stay motivated at work, try outlining important tasks and setting immediate, short-term goals. Do you want to get a bit more done today than you did yesterday? Make it a goal.

Of course, it’s always great to have long-term goals, too. Consider starting small and gradually working your way up to your desired outcome.

2. Change Your Temperature

Many people think that their sense of productivity comes solely from within. But, your external factors — such as your environment — play a pretty pivotal role in your ability to remain motivated, too.

Most research studies suggest that 70-73 degrees is the ideal room temperature for productivity. If you find yourself feeling sluggish and working up a sweat without doing much activity, chances are, your surrounding temperature may just be the problem. Adjust your thermostat and you may see a change in your work ethic, too.

3. Wake Up Earlier

You’re all too familiar with the age-old expression “the early bird catches the worm.” But when you find yourself snuggled up in your comforter in a nice and cozy room, you don’t really care what the early bird catches.

But there’s a reason why so many people tout that the key to success and productivity stems from early mornings. There are many benefits to waking up bright and early — with higher productivity being one. You’re less likely to confront distractions and you may feel more creative on a peaceful and quiet morning, too.

4. Take a Vacation

If you’re looking to become more productive, heading to the beach or catching a flight to another city may not seem like the best idea. But, it’s actually necessary for anyone who has tried becoming more productive to no avail. Why? Because you may be experiencing burnout.

Taking a vacation is one of the many ways to counteract burnout and reset your sense of inspiration and drive. Plus, you’ll have the chance to clear your mind and regroup your thoughts so that you can achieve your goals with greater success. Plus, who doesn’t want the perfect excuse to embark on a fun getaway for the weekend?

5. Tidy Up Your Space

Whether you do most of your work in an office, your room or your home at large, a case of messiness may be the culprit behind your lack of motivation or productivity.

Since many people associate cleaning with spring, disorganization and clutter becomes common once summer rolls around. If your workspace is starting to look like it deserves a spot on the show Hoarders, it may be time to eliminate this unwanted distraction.

Spend a day deep cleaning your surroundings and getting rid of unwanted or unnecessary items. You may just be amazed at how much a clean workspace contributes to a clear mindset.

Productivity is crucial — whether in the office or when navigating through your everyday life. When you make the effort to be more productive, you’ll start to notice positive changes in your daily routine.