How To Lower Adrenaline In 5 Easy Steps

August 12, 2019 • Rehack Team


A rush of adrenaline in certain scenarios is necessary. A rapid flow of these hormones and neurotransmitters during emergencies or dangerous situations can help you defend yourself and possibly say your life.

But, when your adrenaline is in overdrive most of the day — even when there isn’t a threat — your body begins to take the toll of unnecessary amounts of stress.

Since adrenaline is also commonly referred to as the “fight-or-flight” response, it raises your blood pressure and heart rate in response. If your body is releasing too much adrenaline into your body, here’s a few tips that will help you stop the rush.

1. Engage in Deep Breathing

Your breathes occur naturally, so it’s possibly that you may not giving your breathing a second thought. But when you’re under stress or engaged in the “fight-or-flight” response, it’s possible your breathing is altered.

Slowing down and engaging in deep breathing exercises and techniques can transform the way that your body handles stressful situations. There’s an endless array of meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises available online for free — so you can get started on lowering your adrenaline levels today!

2. Exercise Regularly

Everybody should exercise regularly. Whether it’s via a quick yoga session or an hour bike through your local park, the health benefits of regular exercise shouldn’t be ignored.

If you’re working through an adrenaline issue, lacing up your favorite pair of running shoes may just do the trick. Pumping your heart and redirecting your stress through physical activity can help regulate your body naturally.

3. Redirect Anger or Negative Feelings

Did somebody bump into you in public and make a rude remark? Or, did a family member put your down again? Anger is a normal response to a fight-or-flight situation. In this case, the response is to fight.

But, instead of feeling your blood boil the next time you’re in an uncomfortable situation, try to redirect your anger in a healthy manner instead.

One of the best ways to release your anger is to find a different outlet of expression that lets you deal with these emotions in a healthy way. If you feel like throwing stuff across your room the next time you’re frustrated, try cleaning it instead. Sometimes, anger is just energy that needs to be released.

Fortunately, you don’t always have to release this energy in a negative way. Running or working out are the ideal activities that will lower your adrenal while getting rid of negative emotions in the process.

4. Lower Your Stress

In small amounts, stress can help push you to meet your goals. But when stress becomes an everyday response to, well, everything, it begins to impact the body and provoke a myriad of unwanted symptoms. Unfortunately, excess adrenal is one of them.

Sometimes, stress may seem outside of your control. If you’re dealing with difficult people daily, struggling to break a bad habit or simply get caught up in a cycle that provokes stress, it can seem impossible to just relax.

5. Talk it Out

Sometimes, we carry our stress with us. Mounting bills. Arguments with our significant others. Poor performance levels at work. With every passing day, our daily stresses pile up and impact our body in negative ways — added adrenaline included.

If you’re feeling under pressure, consider talking to a loved one and getting a bit of your worries off your chest. Consider scheduling a meeting with a therapist who can help guide you through your issues, too.

A little bit of adrenaline every now and again is healthy. But when your body experiences too much of this hormone, it can exhaust and wear down your body.

With a few of the tips outlined above in mind, you can reduce your adrenaline levels to experience a greater sense of wellbeing in your everyday life.