Top 15 Tech Gifts This Holiday Season (for under $50)

November 26, 2021 • April Miller


Technology has made life greater in several ways. For how prevalent in life it’s become, it can still be challenging to find amazing tech gifts under $50. Luckily, plenty of devices can still be found on a budget that would make great gifts for any loved one on Santa’s list. Consider this list of equipment, accessories and electronic devices an excellent guide for where to begin holiday shopping this year.

Tech Gifts Under $50 for Your Partner

Partners and spouses don’t require much, but people can still feel obligated to give their sweethearts lavish gifts that mix luxury with practicality. These tech gifts under $50 are perfect for spouses who already have everything they need — just give them something that makes their life so much easier while also not breaking the bank or running your finances into the ground.

1. Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

Some people have trouble remembering when to drink water. This special water bottle glows when it’s time to drink more water, sending the gift recipient a small signal to up their water intake. It’s excellent for meeting goals people may set in the new year.

2. Eurans Smart Watch

Smartwatches do more than just tell time: They can track heart rate, activity levels, sleeping habits and so much more. This smartwatch can even display phone notifications and count how many steps a person takes in a day. It’s perfect for someone who strives to be more active in their daily activities.

3. Samsung Wireless Charger

Cords can be tricky to handle. Samsung’s wireless charger can charge a phone wirelessly without its user having to give it up. Since it angles the phone toward its user, anyone can continue streaming videos or scrolling the web as they wait for their phone to charge.

4. Roku Streaming Stick

Transform any television into a Smart TV with this Roku plugin. Roku ensures that its host television now has all the latest streaming apps so any family can enjoy movie night without limitations. It’s great for a night in together or hosting a movie party for friends.

5. Kasa Smart Plug

The Kasa Smart Plug syncs well with assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. It can also be controlled through the Kasa app, so users can easily choose when to turn things on and off. This plug is immensely helpful when a homeowner is away and would like to turn lights on and off occasionally through the app to make it look like someone is home.

Tech Gifts Under $50 for Your Parents

Parents can be challenging to shop for, especially if they are more obstinate with accepting new technology or electronics. These simple electronic accessories and tech gifts under $50 can help parents of any age understand the fascination with technology these days.

1. Kindle

The great thing about Kindle is that it allows avid readers to pursue their favorite hobby in the dark. Digital books with a backlit screen are easy on readers’ eyes and easier to hold and maneuver than books in many situations. Plus, digital books don’t take up space like physical copies.

2. Aluratek LCD Digital Photo Frame

What could be easier than displaying photos from a USB? This frame reads the pictures off a USB or memory card and can display them in seconds. They’ll cycle through in time, so eventually, all the photos will be shown on the frame even without the use of a remote.

3. Echo Dot 4th Generation

Alexa is capable of many things: She can tell jokes, play music and answer any questions using data pulled from Google. At the command of a voice, Alexa can turn lights on and off, control the television and more. This device is a helpful present for anyone who has a hard time getting up and down or simply wants to automate their home a bit more.

4. Tile Mate

The Tile is a perfect device for anyone who finds themselves forgetting or losing small things like keys. When something’s lost, all someone has to do is open the Tile app on their phone to locate their Tile Mate. The process of searching for something becomes effortless when in control of the Tile app.

5. Touch Screen Hand Gloves

Having compression gloves to keep the blood flowing in every part of the body becomes more important as a person grows older. Still, it would be nice to use devices while keeping hands warm and supported. These touch screen compression gloves wrap hands in a hug while allowing the index finger and thumb to operate a smart or touch screen device as usual.

Tech Gifts Under $50 for Your Kids

Kids and teenagers are probably the most technology-savvy age group out there. They know what to do when they have electronics nearby, making these tech gifts under $50 the perfect items to get them. With accessories and items like these, they’ll know just what to do and see their quality of happiness improve as a result. Not every budget can afford brand-new devices every year, but these items can be just as worth it.

1. Bluetooth Speaker

Kids like to listen to their music but don’t always want to wear headphones. By allowing them to have a Bluetooth speaker in their room, especially one that changes colors like this one, they’ll be delighted to listen to music in their own space at the volume of their choosing.

2. Portable Charger Power Bank

When teenagers are out and about, they may not have time to charge their phones. If they need to reach their parents or guardians, it might be difficult for them to find a way with a dead cell phone. Gifting them a power charging bank is a great idea to help them keep their phone energized all day long and help them reach the person they need to in case of an emergency.

3. Seckton Upgrade Kids Selfie Camera

Kids love taking pictures, but many kids aren’t old enough for phones of their own. This mini digital camera allows them to take photos and selfies with their friends. The photos can be retrieved from a micro SD card and uploaded as normal pictures. It’s fun all-around for kids who are aspiring photographers!

4. Govee LED Strip Lights

To give a teenager’s room a flair of its own, these strip lights can be installed toward the ceiling. The recipient can control the color of the lights via an app, so they’re able to change the brightness and color depending on the mood they’re in and illuminate their entire room in that glow as a result.

5. Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds

Sometimes, it’s best just to tune out the world. With these sweat- and water-resistant, noise-canceling wireless earbuds, the gift recipient can do just that. They come in many stylish colors and are rechargeable. As long as someone has Bluetooth music capabilities, they’ll love these wireless earbuds.

Finding the Right Tech Gifts Under $50

Shopping for everyone can be challenging, especially when considering all of their likes and dislikes. While it can be hard to shop for everyone on a holiday list, choosing interesting tech gifts under $50 can please everyone. They’ll be surprised that they received a gift so thoughtful that they can use in their daily life. 

Meanwhile, the gift giver can rest assured that they made everyone happy while keeping their budget in check. The future is heading toward embracing more technology than ever before. It’s time to embrace the gifts that people want that will fit into any budget.