A Guide to Amazon Drive Pricing in 2022

August 31, 2022 • Zachary Amos


If you spend a lot of time using digital devices, such as smartphones, tablets or laptops, you know how important it is to have enough storage space. You can choose from numerous cloud storage platforms to store important documents, files, photos, videos and more. One of the most popular cloud storage options available is Amazon Drive.

In this guide, you’ll learn more about Amazon Drive pricing, what storage plans are available and some answers to frequently asked questions regarding Amazon Drive.

What is Amazon Drive?

Amazon Drive, once called Amazon Cloud Drive, is a widely used cloud storage application available for download. Amazon Drive is managed by Amazon, one of the largest tech giants in the world. The secure cloud storage platform allows users to safely store documents, photos, videos and more. It also enables users to share and backup files and print photos.

Amazon Drive integrates quite nicely with other Amazon devices, including Amazon Alexa, Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV and the Fire Tablet. For example, you can cast photos onto your Fire TV using Amazon Drive or tell Alexa to open a slideshow of a recent album on your Echo Show.

According to Amazon Drive’s product page, these are some of its core features:

  • Upload and download photos, videos, documents and other files from your Android device
  • View photos, videos, Word and text documents and PDFs 
  • Create folders, search for, rename, delete and organize files
  • Share files with others as links and attachments

Even if your device gets lost, stolen or damaged, you’re still able to access content on your Amazon Drive. You can manage your Amazon Drive account using a web browser on your Mac or PC or download the Amazon Drive app onto your iPhone or Android device.

Amazon Drive Plans

There are several other Amazon Drive cloud storage plans available. Whether you store thousands of photos or a handful of short videos, Amazon Drive has a plan to fit your storage needs.

If you already have an Amazon Prime membership, you receive 5GB of video storage and unlimited photo storage on Amazon Drive. Without a Prime membership, Amazon Drive users get only 5GB of free cloud storage for both photos and videos. 

There are pros and cons to paying for an Amazon Prime membership — it costs $139 annually, or $14.99 per month. You’ll have to decide if the benefits of a Prime membership are worth it. However, you can still upgrade your Amazon Drive storage space and pay monthly or annually regardless of your membership status.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of Amazon Drive pricing:

Storage SpacePay MonthlyPay Annually

As you can see, the price you pay depends on the amount of storage space you need. Keep in mind that if you do need more than 2TB of storage space, you can only pay on an annual basis.

Figuring out how much storage space you need is important. You may want to start by purchasing an affordable plan with low storage space first and then upgrade to the next plan if you near the storage space limit.

Consider Amazon Drive for Personal Cloud Storage

While there are many personal, paid cloud storage options on the market, Amazon Drive pricing is a good choice, especially if you pay for a Prime membership. 

The ability to store and sync files across your devices and access them anywhere is a huge convenience, especially in today’s increasingly digital world. Consider using Amazon Drive’s free storage option or upgrade to a paid plan for all your storage needs.