What You Can Expect From Pebble Time

April 16, 2015 • Devin Partida


Pebble Time

When the original Pebble watch Kickstarter launched in 2012, many saw it as the first truly stylish next-generation watch, complete with customizable watchfaces, app functionality and the ability to send notifications to your phone. The watch’s crowdfunding campaign pulled in over $10.2 million, a sure demonstration that the smartwatch niche was certainly an interesting one.

Impressively, with a release date well ahead of the upcoming Apple Watch, Pebble was perceived as a potential leading force in the smartwatch niche before “smartwatch” was a buzz word.

Recently, the company has launched a Kickstarter for Pebble Time, which has accumulated over $20 million in contributions. With a number double that of the original version, it’s clear that many of the Pebble watch’s original supporters have returned alongside an abundance of newly interested consumers. The new Pebble Time campaign is, after all, the most well-funded in Kickstarter history.

While Pebble Time does not lead in regard to number of supporters, the total funding amount is record-breaking. In the face of the upcoming Apple Watch release date, it shows a consumer confidence and interest in Pebble Time, which is expected to start shipping in May and June.

Pebble Time’s Unique Features

In addition to many remaining features, the new Pebble Time touts seven days of battery life, with a new timeline interface that helpfully tells you the day’s most important tasks. Water resistance (to a depth of 30 meters), timeline API, a color e-ink screen and photo functionality are additional features that have garnered ample interest.

Recent updates and feature additions can be found on Pebble Time’s Kickstarter page, which has been online since February 24th of this year. Being able to attract over $20 million in less than two months truly speaks to the general excitement surrounding the next iteration of Pebble Time.

One thing that helped raise over $20 million in support was a perk for Kickstarter backers that entitled them to a custom engraving on their Pebble Time and/or premium Pebble Time Steel. While some would think the emergence and general prominent marketing for the Apple Watch would derail a more small-time — at least in comparison — competitor, the Apple Watch’s spotlight on the smartwatch niche is benefitting Pebble in a sense.

The day after the Apple Watch launch event in March, pre-orders for the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel spiked 167 percent per hour. Some say the reason for this attention is Pebble’s potential features for maximizing productivity.

Boosting Productivity with Pebble Time

The original Pebble watch featured sports apps that encouraged many to work out more, if only for the watch’s ability to track progress and provide users with a sense of accomplishment; they were able to see concrete data on their workouts. Additionally, its ability to sync to your phone and share data made it a great productivity-booster for many in business, who could seamlessly view data during meetings by glancing at their wrist.

With additional features like call alerts and notifications, it became much easier for users to be reminded of tasks without carrying their phones around. In addition, an app like Multi Timer is one of many productivity-boosting apps available for Pebble.

The newest iteration of Pebble retains the great productivity aspects of the original, while offering many new features that can aid in productivity. For one, a seven-day battery life can save you the time of having to charge your phone every few hours. It also proves as a more reliable source than your smartphone for notifications and reminders, as no major smartphone can compete with the new Pebble’s battery life.

Plus, the new watch’s emphasis on a timeline that highlights what’s most important in your day represents the next wave of personalized tech-aided productivity boosters. Considering its sleek look and promising features, it’s no surprise Pebble Time has broken Kickstarter records.

Images from GetPebble.com and Don’t Erase