5 Ways to Get Discord Nitro for Free in 2022

September 2, 2022 • Shannon Flynn


If you’re a gamer or frequent internet user, chances are you have a Discord account. The communications platform boasts around 150 million monthly users. One feature allowing you to upgrade your experience on the app is Discord Nitro. With Nitro, you can create emojis, boost your server more often and live stream with HD video. This feature requires payment, but you can use these five ways to get Discord Nitro for free.

1. Free Trial

The easiest way to get Discord Nitro for free is to go directly through the app and do a free trial. Discord will give you 30 days of Nitro for free before you begin paying for the service. During this trial, you can cancel any time and still buy boosts during this period. Sometimes, Discord can release an extended free trial of three months. Be on the lookout for announcements from Discord for this offer.

2. YouTube Premium

If you frequently use YouTube and Discord, you have a chance to get the premium service with each platform. Signing up for YouTube Premium can get you three months free of Discord Nitro. You must live in the United States, Canada or any of the 13 eligible countries to qualify for the offer. Once you sign up for YouTube Premium, you should receive an email about a free trial offer in your inbox. Click that link to redeem your three-month trial of Nitro.

3. Xbox Gamepass Ultimate

Discord has walked hand in hand with gamers since its inception in 2015. If you love playing Xbox 360 and Xbox One games, you can use Xbox Gamepass Ultimate as a way to get free Nitro. This promotion requires you to sign up for Xbox Gamepass Ultimate, and you’ll get three months of free Nitro in exchange. You must be a first-time subscriber to Nitro, and you aren’t eligible for the free trial if you have activated any other free trials for Nitro.   

4. Discord Partner Program

With the rise in streaming, Discord has teamed up with other sites to offer free Nitro in exchange for services. For example, if you stream on Twitch or YouTube, you can get Nitro for free through the Discord Partnership Program. Though, it does require a few steps that can be difficult to achieve.

First, you must convert your server into a community, which has to be at least eight weeks old. Your community needs over 500 members with at least 50 active members weekly. There are also thresholds for cybersecurity, weekly visitors and retention of members. If you can satisfy all the requirements, you can apply to be a partner with Discord. From there, Discord will decide if your community should receive the perks of the partnership program.

5. Nitro Giveaways

Another way to get free Nitro is to be on the lookout for giveaways on individual servers. You’ll need a little luck because these servers can be large. But you may be fortunate enough to win Nitro for free if you stay long enough. Beware, though, of scam servers aiming to hack your account. They can steal your identity if you give them enough private information, so ensure the server is legitimate.

Getting Free Discord Nitro in 2022

Nitro is a fun way to enhance your experience on Discord. It’s a paid service, but there are ways you can get it for free. YouTube Premium, Xbox Gamepass and a free trial directly through Discord are just some of the ways you can start. Joining the Discord Partner Program or waiting on a Nitro giveaway may take longer. These five ways are just some ideas to get free Discord Nitro.