Trail Wallet Helps Manage Your Money On The Road

June 30, 2016 • Devin Partida


app to manage your money

Part of the whole point of heading away on vacation is to experience new things, explore and enjoy new cultures — ideally with minimal worries. The problem is going on vacation costs money, and constantly worrying about expenses can get in the way of truly immersing yourself in the traveling experience.

Well, as there is for just about anything these days, there’s an iOS app to help with that: Trail Wallet. From Voyage Travel Apps, Trail Wallet helps ease your mind and enjoy your trip by helping you quickly and easily manage your expenses.

The best thing about the app is that it can help you track your expenses even when you’re not away, offering peace of mind and helping you make sound financial decisions.

Here is a look at Travel Wallet’s five best features, including how you can take advantage even if you’re not traveling to an exotic location.

It’s Intuitive

Think of Trail Wallet as your personal travel expense manager, a tool that will help you eliminate the old-school calculator and a plastic bag full of receipts. The app is free for the first 25 items you enter but costs $4.99 for unlimited items after that.

Trail Wallet encourages you to organize your expenses by month or by individual trip and set a daily budget. Each time you make a purchase or pay a bill, you can easily enter the cost into the app, organizing each expense by category.

Basic categories include transport, entertainment and food, but you can add custom categories and name them anything you’d like.

Also, the app has access to local currency no matter what country you’re in, and helps you stay within your budget by updating the current exchange rate.

It’s Not Brand New

It’s always nice to have the next cool new app, but there is also something to be said for veterans. The latest edition of Trail Wallet is version 3.3.0, meaning the developers have had plenty of time to maximize what works, minimize what doesn’t and generally streamline the entire user experience.

Also, the app doesn’t annoy you with periodic messages begging you to rate it on the iTunes App Store. The developers do encourage you to email them directly should you ever run into any problems with the app.

It’s Simple

One of the keys to a positive experience with any app is simplicity, and Trail Wallet has that covered. Once you have the app set up for personal use, it literally takes second to enter a new expense, which helps you get into the habit of tracking everything you buy.

The app also includes a pie chart view that breaks down your expenses for a given day, week, month or trip and helps you visualize where exactly your money is going.

It Keeps You Organized

Trail Wallet not only helps you monitor your expenses within the app. It can also help you run reports and save data about past trips for future reference.

For example, the app has Twitter and Facebook integration, allowing you to easily share data with friends or family via social media. You can also email CSV reports directly from the app, either for entire trips or for selected dates.

The app also backs up your data automatically on a daily basis, and you can save your backups online in the cloud if you have a Dropbox account.

It’s Not Just for Travelers

The ease of use can make Trail Wallet a traveler’s best friend, but one of the best things about it is you can use its features anytime in day-to-day life. It’s great at helping you manage and visualize your spending, which over time will cause you to get in the habit of smarter spending and constant budgeting.

In other words, it helps you know if you have enough money at a given time, rather than just hoping you do. And that’s as valuable at home as it is when you’re overseas or traveling throughout U.S.