The Best Free Streaming Apps of 2020

January 19, 2021 • Devin Partida


Streaming is now what makes the world go round. Music, movies, television shows, podcasts and audiobooks are available on streaming services across the planet. 2020, especially has brought dozens of new streaming platforms — from Disney+ to Peacock. With them, though, comes costs. For a more affordable viewing experience, check out these best free streaming apps and services of 2020:


Though NBC’s Peacock has a membership plan that costs money monthly, you can also look into the free version. The cost-free plan is one of the best free streaming apps out there today. You get all the content that NBC supplies without charging your card.

You will need to watch ads, but it’s a small feat when you’re getting content like “Parks and Recreation,” “30 Rock,” “Shrek” and so much more. Live TV channels and original series, too, are part of the deal. All around, it’s hard to say no!


Crackle is another free platform that brings you original content as well as popular movies and TV shows. With Sony as a co-owner, this platform has been around for years, and it’s still going strong.

It requires no registration as you select your favorite content to watch and save for later. Discover new content, too, like “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.”


Plex is a unique streaming service. Its media server-based setup helps it stand out in the crowd. With TV, movies, news, web shows and podcasts, you’ll get a lot from Plex when you download it on your device — all for free.

Link an account to it so it can remember where you left off. Then, pickup from your other devices since it’s available on a plethora of platforms.


In 2014, Fox Corporation launched Tubi, an ad-based streaming service that keeps up with what’s relevant. You’ll get big titles like “Kill Bill” and big corporation content like films from Lionsgate and Paramount.

You don’t need to create an account. However, if you do, you’ll have access to parental controls, which come in handy for age restrictions. Plus, you’ll get to see your viewing history and have access to a queue, a standout feature.


If you’re a member of your local library, you should inquire about Hoopla. It’s completely free once you enter your library card number. Access to thousands of titles will be right in the palm of your hand — from music and audiobooks to TV and movies.

As a bonus, you can use Hoopla on almost any device. It’s available to use on desktop browsers as well as in the Apple App Store and Google Play store.


Remember Fandango? The app that used to help you with your movie tickets and timing is now only a subset of Fandango Media, which owns Vudu. With Vudu, you can go for the premium plans, which do have a lot of content — or you can opt for the free version.

Vudu categorizes everything neatly so you can browse and find new discoveries. There’s a “Free” section, too, where you’ll see the platform labelling content with “Free with Ads” or just “Free.” Check out titles like “Salem Witch Trials” and “Scream” at no cost.


Roku is an interesting platform. It’s similar to Apple TV and Android TV in that in centralizes streaming services and subscriptions into one location. However, the main difference is that you can use Roku with all devices and it comes in different plans for households of varying sizes.

While not technically free to purchase, it does give you live TV channels for free that you wouldn’t necessarily have with other streaming platforms or cable packages. Spruce up almost any TV by getting Roku — the smart way to watch your favorite content.


Last, but certainly not least, don’t overlook YouTube. You can find plenty of content on YouTube — TV shows, podcasts, movies and docuseries — all for free. People upload all kinds of content, so you’ll never know what you’ll stumble upon.

Plus, with YouTube’s venture into creating original series, the platform is bound to start expanding its library of free content.

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With these platforms, you now have access to a free digital world, right from your fingertips. Since they’re free, you can use them all — no need to select just one! Get to watching your favorite content whenever you’d like.