The Best Food Delivery App: Which One Wins?

June 2, 2020 • Devin Partida


Food delivery has become a standard part of everyday life. Perhaps now more than ever, the food delivery app market is seeing spikes in demand and downloads like never before. The best food delivery apps of 2020 include those that have been around for a while as well as some newer ones.

The coronavirus has affected the way people go about ordering food. Restaurants are closed across the country — and the world — and takeout or delivery has become the primary way for business to continue. Contactless delivery from all of these apps has become a standout feature.

Each of the following apps is available for iOS and Android devices. The coverage will depend on location, but the best way for someone to know is to download the apps and enter their location. Each one of these apps is free, too. Now, the only thing left to do is decide which one reigns supreme.


Postmates is solid competition for the best food delivery app. It has been around for a few years and is a big hit with people all over the country. Part of the reason for its heightened use is that it goes beyond food delivery.

While food from restaurants is one of its most-used features, people can request a variety of other things, including groceries, supplies and alcohol — Postmates covers it all.

Delivery fees may range from $1.99 to $9.99 depending on merchant partnerships. Peak times may bring an additional fee as well.

Part of Postmates’ allure during the pandemic is the option for “leave at my door,” which allows the driver to drop the items off without contact.


Instacart is another app that brings a unique perspective to delivery as well as pickup. With this app, users can select a retailer to shop from. Then, they select the items they need and a store employee assembles the order. These orders can range from household items to groceries and liquor. Its unique offerings make it a likely winner for the best food delivery app of 2020.

The order must be $10 or more and will have a $5.99 flat-rate delivery fee. The prices of the items themselves will depend on the retailers, as the app operates in concert with them. Instacart also offers a “leave at my door” option, which can be convenient no matter the circumstances.


Doordash is becoming more popular, especially now during the coronavirus quarantines. With its “Delight Score,” the app provides a new angle for ordering food. Users can see ratings for food quality, delivery times, customer satisfaction and more. These features make it a strong contender for the best food delivery app.

With a flat-rate delivery fee of $5.99 and no minimum spending requirements, Doordash has become a common option for food delivery. This app also accepts Apple Pay.


Uber is the wildly popular ride-sharing app that changed the transportation game. Thanks to its growth, the company has branched off into food delivery. Like many delivery apps, UberEats shows users estimated delivery times. Cashless transactions make it a popular option for many people as well.

This app has a delivery fee of $4.99 or more depending on location. The service fee amounts to 15% of the order subtotal. There’s also a small fee for orders under $10.


GrubHub is another one of the best food delivery apps of 2020. Users can search by food style or for specific items. For instance, someone could search for “Thai” or “pizza.” The app will then pull up all the restaurants that provide those options.

The delivery fee will ultimately depend on each restaurant or location. Some require delivery fees or order minimums, while others do not. With favorites and save options, users can become repeat customers for their favorite places.


One of the up-and-coming newer delivery services is goPuff. Here, customers use the app as a virtual convenience store right from their phones. They can order things like food and beverages or bathroom products and even phone necessities.

Location-wise, goPuff is available everywhere throughout the country. However, midwest and southern cities tend to have higher concentrations of users. The delivery fee is a flat-rate of $1.95, which makes this new service very appealing and easy for all to use. is another service that encompasses a range of products for delivery. Food is one of its primary focuses, but it branches out into groceries, alcohol and even dry cleaning. Its versatility has placed it high in the ranking for the best food delivery app to have on hand, especially when social activities or travel are impossible or limited.

The delivery fees vary depending on the restaurant or business from which a customer requests service. Additionally, offers a rewards program that incentivizes transactions between users and businesses.

Which One Gets Crowned as the Best Food Delivery App?

Supporting local businesses is always a good way to give back to the regional economy and its employees. With apps, leaving a good rating will help others know that they should order from specific restaurants. Tipping well can go a long way for individuals in need, too.

Delivery apps let people experience their favorite foods in the comfort of their own home. In our opinion, that makes each one the best. Still — if you pushed us to choose — we’d say it’s a tie between Doordash and Instacart.