The 7 Best Money Saving Apps to Try Today

March 10, 2021 • Shannon Flynn


Whether you’re earning the minimum wage in your first job or a respectable salary in your dream career, saving money is probably among your priorities. Doing it effectively leaves you with more cash to spend in the most satisfying ways. Here are some worthwhile money-saving apps that could help you cut costs without much effort. 

1.  Honey

This app works as a free mobile app or Chrome extension to help you save money at the sites where you already shop. It automatically adds available discounts to your orders so that your costs go down without further action from you as long as the app stays running. 

Honey also has a Drop List. After adding products to it, you’ll get notifications of companies offering them at lower-than-usual prices. Another advantage of using Honey is that it searches the web to find the best deals. When you notice a discount added to your cart, you can feel confident that there’s not a better option available. 

2. Checkout 51

This option works a bit differently than some other money-saving apps. It provides offers you can claim that give cash back to you after the purchase. 

Ideally, you’d focus on finding the deals on things you genuinely need and then claiming the cash-back perks for them. Be sure to save your receipts. You’ll need to snap pictures of them to get the money. Keep in mind, too, that this app mostly applies to things sold at gas stations and grocery stores. 

3. RetailMeNot

Maybe you’ve hurriedly looked for valid coupon codes before submitting orders with online retailers. Some money-saving apps let you avoid that step by showing all of the current offers in one place. RetailMeNot is one of them, and you can look at the available discounts on the site’s webpage before deciding to download the app. 

Whether you want to save money on a burrito you’re craving for lunch or the bath gel you’re buying a friend for their birthday, RetailMeNot could help you do those things faster with less searching. There’s also a feature that shows you how many other users claimed an offer.

4. camelcamelcamel

You probably won’t think of money-saving apps from the title of this one alone, but a closer look at it will surprise you. If you’re an Amazon aficionado or just someone who doesn’t like paying any more than necessary when shopping there, this app is ideal. 

It shows you historical charts of price changes at Amazon, giving you more insights into whether the price might decrease soon, or you should buy the item now to avoid paying too much. A feature also alerts you to recently lowered prices on the things you want to buy soon. 

5. SavingStar

You probably already participate in at least a few grocery store loyalty programs and may be wondering if money-saving apps would give you worthwhile rewards on top of what those already offer. 

The nice thing about SavingStar is that it works with whatever loyalty programs you use, thereby ensuring you don’t forget to take advantage of all available discounts. Plus, once you save at least $20 with it, you can transfer the funds to a bank account or donate them to a charity. More than 70,000 brands take part in SavingStar, so there’s a good chance that some of your favorite retailers are on the list. 

6. GoodRx

Prescription drug prices are prohibitively high for many people. Whether you need a refill on blood pressure medication or want to save on a prescription for your child’s ear infection, GoodRx could help you spend less on medicines. 

Many people don’t know that drug prices vary depending on where you get a prescription filled. This app works as a price comparison tool, giving you an overview of local pharmacies and what they charge. You then get a digital coupon through the app to redeem at your chosen location.

7. SnipSnap

Maybe you’re someone who generally appreciates the convenience of digital coupons but recognizes that some of the most valuable offers still come in a physical format. SnipSnap is an app for iOS and Android that can bridge the gap. 

It converts any printed coupon to a digitally redeemable format after you take a picture of it with your phone. Then, you can show retailers the offers on your smartphone and don’t have to worry about forgetting the cutout coupons at home. 

Before using this app for a particular offer, look at the fine print. Some retailers require you to present the paper version so that a cashier can keep it in their cash drawer. In all other cases, though, SnipSnap can help you go paperless and save. 

The Best Money Saving Apps Can Make Life Easier

Most people love the idea of saving money, but it’s not as appealing if they have to go through a lot of hassles to do it. These seven apps help you cut costs in simple ways that apply to wherever you already shop.