The 5 Best Skype Alternatives for Video Calls

July 24, 2018 • Shannon Flynn


Video Chat Skype

Skype is undoubtedly an option that comes to mind when people consider making video calls, and it has its merits — including real-time language translations. However, there are numerous Skype alternatives to think about using too, whether you want to make personal calls, contact people for business reasons or do both. Here are five you shouldn’t overlook.

1. Viber

Some Skype alternatives only let you make standard video calls, such as the ones you plan with the other people involved. However, Viber goes further by allowing you to create in-the-moment video messages to help share the moments you experience with friends who can’t be there in person.

Security has been a significant area of concern for many people lately, so when researching Skype alternatives, you may wonder whether Viber takes the proper precautions to keep your data secure. The company has a page on its site devoted to the topic and confirms no one — Viber representatives included — will listen to your video calls.

2. Google Duo

When learning about ways to get in touch with people via videos, you shouldn’t overlook Google Duo. Just tap the picture of a contact’s face to launch a high-quality video chat. You can download it for Android or iOS platforms, allowing for on-the-go communications that fit your life.

Also, Google Duo offers a cool “Knock Knock” feature that gives you a glimpse of the caller’s environment before you answer. Having that insight could help you determine whether to respond or not, especially if you’re involved in doing several things at once when the video call comes through your smartphone or are attempting to have a productive online meeting through another platform at the time.

Similarly, if you want to make a video call and the person doesn’t answer, you can leave a video message to share the visual goods with them, even when they’re unavailable.

3. WhatsApp

The latest versions of WhatsApp, a video calling and text-based communications app, have end-to-end encryption, which means only the person you’re interacting with can see, read or listen to them — no one in between. You can use WhatsApp to send videos to others instantly, going beyond using the app for live video chatting.

Plus, there’s a WhatsApp web version that syncs with the mobile app. By downloading it, you can see all the chats you’ve made on any platform, and seamlessly pick back up where you left off. People who need to make video calls for work purposes should try the WhatsApp business offering.

4. Facebook Messenger

The great thing about this video chatting option is you may already be accustomed to using it, even if you perhaps didn’t realize there’s a non-text component. The chat interface of this app also makes it extremely easy to choose the kind of communications you want to have.

For example, the default setting on Facebook Messenger is the text-only chat window. However, you can video chat with someone by pulling up their profile in the app and tapping on the video camera icon. There’s no need to have the other participant download anything, which works well if the person you’re video calling isn’t particularly tech-savvy or doesn’t have enough room on their phone to download a standalone program.

5. Line

Presenting a setup similar to Facebook Messenger, Line allows free video calls between users of its app, regardless of where those people live in the world. Then, if you want to share a video with a recipient, that’s possible, too.

One thing that sets this calling app apart from others is the unique way you can add more friends to your contact list. Once you and someone else both have the Line app launched with the geolocation setting activated, both of you can shake your phones or tap the designated areas of your phone screens to complete the action.

A Variety of Video Calling Options

This list means you don’t have to feel restricted by only using one video call app. Instead, consider the options above, try them and see which one is most appropriate for your needs.