The 6 Best Free Android Apps for New Parents

August 9, 2017 • Devin Partida


The Six Best Free Android Apps for New Parents

Brand new parents are just beginning the journey of a lifetime. Your world has changed forever, and it’s incredibly thrilling and rewarding. Why not look for the best Android apps for new parents while you’re at it?

But, amidst such a swirl of emotions, how do you learn to manage this new responsibility as part of your daily life and routine? Besides the support of your family, friends, and community, there are now a variety of apps available to assist you with infant care and progress tracking, as well as help you save valuable time.

Here are the six best free Android apps for new parents.

WebMD Baby

If you’re like most parents, at first you’ll have quite a few worried questions about your baby’s health and well-being! Don’t panic—rather than making frantic phone calls or unnecessary doctor visits, use WebMD Baby.

This mobile app from the comprehensive WebMD reference site specifically covers infant health and medical care. It provides schedules for feeding and sleeping, as well as growth timelines and a wealth of articles and videos contributed by top pediatricians. You can even take photos and videos to create a baby book of memories. This is definitely one of the overall best free Android apps for new parents.

My Baby Today

This is another one of the best free Android apps for new parents, and its versatility helps to streamline your daily life. Not only does My Baby Today track sleep, feedings and development in real time, it can also create a memory book for you and your baby.

As an added bonus, it can help you easily connect and socialize with parents whose babies were born in the same month as yours. It even won a Webby Award in 2012 as a Best Mobile App in the Lifestyle category.

Glow Baby

Glow Baby tracks all of your baby’s daily activities, from feedings to sleep to diaper changing to medication doses. It also monitors 101 development milestones and provides information customized for your baby.

This app provides some of the clearest and easiest metrics for new parents to understand, saving you even more time.


As a parent, you’ll want to provide your baby with the best possible foundation for the rest of their life. That includes helping them along as they naturally learn and develop every day.

Kinedu is designed to save time and misspent effort by thoroughly guiding your baby’s development.

It provides suggested daily exercises to boost infant cognitive, sensory and linguistic abilities. It includes an instructional video for parents showing you how to perform each daily exercise.


With this free baby monitor app, new parents can stay on the go. You will receive four hours of free monitoring time per month. Dormi has all the functionality of an old-fashioned hardware baby monitor, and works by pairing two devices—the ‘parent’ and the ‘child.’

An unused old Android device can serve as the baby monitor.  Leave the device in the room with your baby, and the device’s microphone will detect noise. It then sends a signal to your device alerting you that your baby is awake.  You can use the listen button to check in at any time, or the talk button to speak and soothe your baby.

Dormi works over WiFi, Mobile or Hotspot data connections, and uses cryptography for security. It also runs in the background when the parent device is busy or locked.  Optionally, you can pair multiple parent devices to one child device.


Without a doubt, there will be many occasions when your little one will not cooperate or fall asleep on schedule. Instead of spending hours trying to coax your baby to sleep, try MagicSleep.

This app offers a wonderful solution to this problem with soothing sounds, similar to what babies hear in the womb.

You can program the desired length of sleep time, and play the sounds from your headphones or speakers. In no time your baby will be peacefully lulled to sleep, and so will you—remember, rest is critical for new parents too!

Modern mobile technology offers huge benefits for new parents, especially those with busy schedules. These six free Android apps can help make the daily routine of early parenthood much more time-efficient and much less stressful!