PinTasking App Could Boost Productivity for Android Users

May 8, 2015 • Devin Partida


pintasking app

Now in open beta, PinTasking is a new Android-only app that allows you to save everything from webpages to other apps on your phone’s desktop and access them from any screen.

You can quickly step aside from a task you’re working on, take care of something else and then jump immediately back to where you were in your other app.

For example, if you want to copy and paste something from one webpage to another, you can simply pin the webpages to your phone desktop. You can then swipe between the two pages and quickly navigate from one to the other.

Not only does PinTasking give you easy access to apps that you were previously using, it also offers an attractive, easy-to-understand user interface so that you can use it with very little practice.

Most of PinTasking’s user commands are intuitive. The learning curve you’ll experience will focus mainly on how to customize the app to suit your usage style and goals.

For example, you can configure the size of your pin icons, how far away they appear from the edge of your phone and whether or not they should be autoremoved when the screen display turns off. You can also configure the size of the swipe pad that gives you access to your pinned apps.

To pin an app, you simply swipe vertically down from the top of the screen. This brings up a pin icon, which let’s you pin the suggested app or page for ease of access later.

Once something is pinned, it appears in a bubble on the side of your screen, similar to Facebook’s chat heads. All you need to do is tap that bubble to get back into your app.

Of course, because PinTasking is still in beta, it does have its quirks. For example, you can’t currently add more than two pins to your phone at a time, because it will cause “pin collisions.”

Another unfortunate problem the app is facing is that it may also cause pins to disappear at random, which can be quite frustrating.

PinTasking is scheduled to come out of beta on May 11, 2015, so let’s hope its glitches have been worked out by then.

If you’re someone who relies heavily on your Android device to accomplish day-to-day work, this could be a handy task-switching tool for you. Once the app comes out of open beta with, hopefully, its glitches fixed, it could shape up to be a great productivity tool.

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