8 Free Alternatives to Mobdro on Roku in 2024

October 21, 2023 • Devin Partida


People wondering how to install Mobdro on Roku will be disappointed to learn it’s no longer available. However, we found some great alternatives. None have as impressive of a content library, but they’re free and offer all kinds of content.

Why Isn’t Mobdro Available?

You’re probably asking yourself what happened to Mobdro. Unfortunately, a collection of global entertainment giants shut it down in 2021 because it broke copyright laws. Since it was an aggregator, it collected mountains of content it had no rights to. To make a long story short, it’s not available anymore. 

Mobdro was one of the biggest free streaming services online, so its absence left a massive void. While other piracy sites have tried to fill its place, they have yet to come close. Besides, most are filled with things like malware or automatic crypto mining code.

Why Do Some Websites Claim Mobdro Still Works?

Although you’ll still see several legitimate-looking websites if you look for Mobdro on a search engine, you shouldn’t trust any of them. They’re not legitimate and will instruct you to download malware on the pretense you’ll get access to the streaming service. One of the top results on Google is literally “Mobdro.cam,” if that’s any indication of how untrustworthy they are.

There are even review and tech tutorial sites claiming Mobdro is still running as of this year. However, you’ll notice most of the “reviewers” are recycling content from 2020 — one year before Mobdro went dark — if you pay attention. 

It’s also crucial to note that many are selling their virtual private network (VPN) service or app store alternative in the same blog post as their supposed reviews. We urge you not to install anything from a fraudulent website since you could unintentionally infect your device with malware. Most of the sites themselves don’t even have a secure connection.

Why Should You Choose an Alternative?

Mobdro may be gone, but it has a few worthy successors you should try out. They have tons of movies, shows and live channels you can enjoy. Plus, they’re entirely free. While you may have to watch ads, the massive collection of content you get access to makes up for them.

Best of all, they’re entirely legal. As much as some people might love to sail the seas of piracy, it’s just safer to stream content legally. On top of not risking fines for copyright violations, you don’t have to worry about a lawsuit shutting down your favorite streaming service overnight.

What Are The Best Alternatives to Mobdro on Roku?

We gathered eight of the best alternatives to Mobdro on Roku. Whether you have a Roku TV or a Roku streaming stick, you can watch any of these — and we’ll go into installation specifics for each one.

1. Crackle

Crackle has thousands of movies and shows for you to enjoy. You’ll get about five minutes of ads for each episode you watch, which is a pretty good deal. Besides, it gives you enough time to get up and grab a snack or go to the bathroom before you return to a season’s worth of binging.

You don’t need to make an account to use Crackle, so you won’t have to enter any personal information. Although Crackle is only available for users in the United States, you can always use a VPN to get around that pesky limitation.

Roku directly supports this streaming service, so all you have to do is search for it and add the channel to your Home page. Once you’ve done that, you can revisit it whenever you want to catch up on content.

4. Plex

Plex has thousands of shows and movies. It also has over 600 live channels. However, you need to sign up for the Live TV on Plex service to access them. It’s still free — it’s just technically a separate service. If you miss watching sports and news live on Mobdro, consider getting this streaming service as a replacement.

The Plex channel is available on Roku, so you can add it to your home page directly. You can do this from a computer or mobile device using the Roku Channel Store website. Alternatively, you can use your Roku device itself.

2. Dailymotion

You don’t need an account to use Dailymotion. It has short-form videos and feature-length films covering almost every genre. You can watch everything from the latest pop culture updates to a heart-racing thriller. It also has a selection of live streams for your entertainment.

Dailymotion isn’t available on the Roku Channel Store, so you’ll have to cast or screen mirror from a computer or mobile device. Setting it up every time can be a bit of a pain, but it’s a quick process. 

5. Pluto TV

Pluto TV has over 250 live channels and thousands of movies and shows. It has ads, but there’s technically an option to turn them off. If you want to get away from them, you can always upgrade to the premium plan. Roku supports Pluto TV, so you don’t have to jump through any hoops to start watching it. 

6. Vudu

Vudu is one of the best alternatives to Mobdro on Roku we have. It has over 31,000 movies and 5,500 shows, so you’ll definitely be able to find something that interests you. Regarding ads, there are between one to three in a movie and over five minutes of them in an hour-long show

While you do need an account to access the content library, it’s still a free streaming service. Plus, Roku directly supports it, so you can add the channel straight to your home page. 

7. Popcornflix

Popcornflix has tons of movies and shows you can watch. It requires an account, but it’s still completely free. Besides, it has way fewer ads than cable, so it’s still an improvement. Roku supports it directly, so you just add the channel to your Home page to keep it there permanently.

3. Tubi TV

Tubi TV offers almost 50,000 shows and movies — plus 200 live channels — as of 2024. Although you’ll see the occasional advertisement or commercial, the platform’s quality makes it worth the mild annoyance. You also don’t need to create an account to stream content, which is convenient.

Roku supports it directly, so you don’t need to worry about casting or screen mirroring whenever you want to watch something. All you need to do is search for the Tubi TV channel and add it to your Home page. 

8. Sling Freestream

Sling Freestream has over 400 live channels and doesn’t require an account creation. You can jump right into watching shows without handing over your email address. It also has direct support on Roku, so you can install it by adding the channel to your Home page. 

Watch Something Other than Mobdro on Roku

You can’t watch Mobdro on Roku, but that doesn’t stop you from using some of these alternative streaming services. Most don’t even require an account, so you can start watching your favorite kinds of content without delay.