How to Repost a Story on Instagram

July 10, 2023 • Devin Partida


Reposting Instagram Stories is an excellent way to keep your audience engaged in your content. It also helps you tell your brand story and build credibility among users. Maybe a quote resonates with you, or you’d like to share about your partnership with another influencer. For instance, some use third-party Stories to promote flash sales on products. However, knowing how to repost a Story on Instagram can be tricky — especially if you don’t want to violate the terms.

It’s much easier to share another account’s Stories when they’ve tagged you — but how do you add it when an account is private, or you don’t know the person? Fortunately, you can still make it happen.

Ways to Repost a Story on Instagram

Instagram notes the importance of posting and sharing permissible content — meaning yours or someone who consents. To avoid burning bridges, it’s always best to ask the creator first. 

Send them a direct message (DM) with a personalized note so they know you’re not fake — the app has approximately 95 million bots and spam accounts. Otherwise, here are three ways to repost an Instagram Story from another user.

Sharing Content You’re Tagged In

Lucky you if you’ve been tagged in someone’s Story content — that’s one of the easiest ways to reshare. When someone adds you to their Story, you’ll receive a DM.

  1. Open the message and click Add This to Your Story — this will open the Story.
  2. Click on the Add to Story button.
  3. Share the post.

You can customize their Story before reposting to your account. For example, you might add text, graphics or music.

Sharing Someone Else’s Story When You Aren’t Tagged

Now would be a good time to ask permission to repost a Story on Instagram if you weren’t tagged or don’t know the person. Resharing Stories doesn’t work the same as adding someone’s Feed content — Instagram captures the original creator for those reposts.

Once the creator gives you written permission — preferably in DM — to use their content, you have two options: Either take a screenshot of their Story and upload it to yours or use a third-party app.

Reposting Content From Someone’s Feed

Suppose a brand posts its Feed content to its Story — photo, video or Reel — you’d like to reshare with your followers.

  1. Open the Feed post and tap on the symbol that resembles a paper airplane.
  2. When the share screen pops up, click on Add to Story, located at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Customize the Story if you want and click Your Story or Close Friends. Choosing the latter will only share your Story with your Close Friends list.

Users can change their Feed settings to disallow content from being shared. You can also do this by going to Settings and Privacy and clicking Sharing and Remixes. Look for the toggle next to Allow Post Sharing to Story and tap it so the blue turns gray.

You may also turn off Story sharing in messages from the same page — meaning users can no longer send your Stories to people in DMs.

5 Engaging Instagram Story Ideas You Can Repost

Nearly 500 million people use Instagram Stories daily — that’s a lot of accounts you can reach. While you don’t want to become overly active by sharing too much content — or risk being shadowbanned — you can occasionally repost engaging Stories that appeal to followers and those discovering your brand for the first time.

Keep in mind only 5% of your audience views your Stories. Regardless of whether you promote your post to expand your reach, you have 24 hours to make an impression before your Story disappears. Delivering the most engaging content is crucial. Here are five exciting Story reposts you might consider for building user engagement.

1. Brand Partnerships

Influencers partnering with a brand could repost Stories about products, special giveaways and discounts. Brands collaborate with influencers to promote themselves and reach their target audiences, especially younger consumers.

For example, share your brand partnership with your followers when a company posts a Story on Instagram of you using or talking about a product. In today’s marketing world, influencers are more important than ever.

2. Content That Aligns With Brand Values

Whether you run a personal or professional Instagram account, sharing content that aligns with your values — diversity, women’s health, sustainability and more — gives followers insight into your brand’s stance on important subjects.

Businesses should consider their mission and vision statements and find like-minded content that matches their central objectives. With a user’s permission, you can repost engaging Stories that matter.

3. Interactive Content

Reposting interactive content — such as polls and quizzes — is as fun as being the original creator. Add your answer to someone’s post and tag the account when you reshare the Story. 

Your repost may start a chain of responses from other users, too — bringing more attention to your and the original creator’s accounts.

4. Behind-the-Scenes Collaboration

Did you or your brand collaborate on a campaign or project with another brand? Your followers will want to check out behind-the-scenes footage — photos or video content — to see how it came together. 

For instance, maybe you worked with a non-profit organization on a volunteer project. Or, perhaps, you recently did a photo shoot with a model or artist.

In these instances, the other account will likely tag you in their Story, making reposting it to yours much more straightforward.

5. Trending Content

Trending content is among the more popular Story types people repost on Instagram.

Because the content stays on your account for one day, hot-ticket news stories, memes, quotes or promotional posts are the perfect reshares.

Maybe someone lost their pet, and you repost their Story to help find them. You could also repost an interesting Story about someone in your community or about a new release from your favorite author or band. 

What Instagram Stories Do You Repost?

While you should always take a chance at creating original Story content yourself, sometimes other people say it best. Consider how you use Instagram Stories for your page and what content matters most to you and your followers. Regardless of what you repost, ensure it delivers value and integrity to your brand.