How to Download Apps on Apple TV in 6 Simple Steps

April 21, 2021 • Devin Partida


Apple TVs are becoming the next best household gadget. They consolidate your apps into one place so you can play music, watch your favorite movies and play games right from your TV. If you want to add some apps to the system, it takes just a few simple steps. Here’s how to Download Apps on Apple TV.

How to Download Apps on Apple TV

First, it’s important to note that only the fourth and fifth-generation Apple TV systems allow app downloads. Previous versions will not. If you have the newer versions, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your Apple TV.
  2. Click on the App Store icon to open it up.
  3. Once the app launches, you’ll see a few different options at the top of the screen. Choose from Discover, Apps Games, Arcade, Purchased or the Search option.
  4. When you find an app, click on it.
  5. Tap Get or tap on the price of the app.
  6. Confirm the download by hitting Buy.

Then, you’re all set. The app will download right to your Apple TV home screen. If you’re just browsing, these steps will cover your needs. However, if you’re searching for something specific, you should click on the magnifying glass.

  1. Once you go to Search, your Apple TV will prompt you with a keypad that you can use on your remote to swipe and select letters.
  2. You can also use Siri’s speech recognition option to speak into the remote. Then, the system will pull up which app you’re looking for.

For instance, if you want to download Spotify, simply hit the Siri microphone button on the Apple TV remote and say “Spotify” into it. It will then show you the app’s page. Then, follow the same steps to download or purchase the app.

And voila! That’s how to download apps on Apple TV. However, you can link your downloads right from your mobile Apple device as well, making the process even easier.

Automatic Updates and Downloads

To keep your apps up to date at all times, you can turn on automatic updates. That way, you don’t have to worry about doing it manually.

  1. Go to Settings on your Apple TV.
  2. Go to Apps.
  3. At the top, you’ll see Automatically Update Apps.
  4. If it’s on, then you can leave it. If it’s off, then turn it on.

Right below the Automatically Update Apps option, you’ll also see the option to Automatically Install Apps. This feature lets your Apple TV sync your downloads across your Apple devices. If you download Netflix on your iPhone or iPad, Apple TV will then download it as well, automatically.

If you’d like to turn this feature on, simply click on the Automatically Install Apps field and make sure it says On. Getting apps on your Apple TV is now easier than ever.

The Best Apps to Download

Your Apple TV will have some apps already installed on the system for you. However, you can download plenty of apps that cover your every need. Here are some of the most popular ones:

For your music needs, Apple Music and Spotify are ideal. They both have clean, easy-to-use interfaces for Apple TV. Plus, they were the top two music streaming apps in 2020. You’ll be able to find new music, listen to your playlists and share songs with your friends. 

YouTube, too, is a well-rounded app. Though it will cover all your music and entertainment needs, it goes above and beyond to provide you with anything you’re looking for. In fact, behind Google, YouTube is the most popular search engine!

Other entertainment apps to download include Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and HBO. Plus, the popular streaming service Twitch has an app, too. Check it out!

Getting the Most from Apple TV

With the instructions on how to download apps on Apple TV, you will get the most out of your system. Enjoy music, movies, TV and games right in one spot. It’s an innovation that everyone can use for hours on end.