How To Delete a BeReal Post: A Beginner’s Guide to the App

November 1, 2023 • Zachary Amos


BeReal is a social media-capturing app that has been taking the world by storm. It has garnered a large following and even other popular applications have started to offer the same type of feature to users — TikTok Now. Learn more about the app, how it works and how to delete a BeReal post.

What Is BeReal?

BeReal is a social media capturing app with a twist. It encourages users to post authentic photos of themselves, hence the name BeReal.

The application was released at the end of 2019 but only started to make a name for itself two years later. According to Online Optimism, in April 2022 the app gained the top ten spot as the most popular social media app on the Apple Store in the U.S.

While the application does rely on taking selfies, it brings a different take. Users only have a short amount of time to post a photo of themselves. There is also no way to alter the appearance of the photo or add a filter since it goes against the main premise of BeReal.

Another common social media feature that is missing on the BeReal app is the presence of a following. While this has become the norm on most applications available on the app store today, BeReal takes a different angle.

The application is all about being in the moment and capturing the real you, hence why the option to add filters to images is not available. In addition, when the feature of followers is added, it could put extra pressure on users to enhance their photos.

That’s why BeReal users can only add friends instead of gaining a large following. Only people a user has accepted can see their posts. Another unique aspect the application brings is in terms of reacting to posts.

Instead of the usual emoji someone would post to a photo, a friend can send an image of themselves replicating the emotion. They would select an emoji expression they want to replicate and then send it to the user. This adds a more fun, real and personal experience to the app.

How Does the App Work?

The way the application works is that it sends users a notification throughout the day to “be real”. This is where the user is presented with a limited amount of time to take a photo of themselves. This image is supposed to show a real and authentic image of the user being in the moment.

The BeReal Application only gives someone two minutes to take a photo of themselves and what they are up to. If the user is unhappy with the image, they can choose to recapture it, given that it is within the allocated time.

However, friends of the user can see how many times they have retaken their BeReal moment, so it is something to keep in mind. If the person does not manage to take an image in the amount of time available, they can still upload it but won’t be able to see the posts of their friends.

Also, after someone has posted their ‘be real’ moment, they would normally get access to the discovery section. This is a place on the app where different users post displays that were made public. In other words, anyone could see the images in the discovery section.

However, the feature has recently been removed. BeReal has now replaced it with a new section called friends of friends. As the name would suggest, only users that is a friend of one of your friends can see the photos. This is a more relevant and intimate version of the discovery feature.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Deleting a BeReal Post

Most posts on BeReal are of users experiencing daily life. Since the app can prompt you at any time of the day to ‘be real’, most pictures are of users going about their day. Because the prompts of when to take a photo are random, it could result in some less ideal photos — which is kind of the point of the app.

That said, some people might not be particularly fond of some of the images they have posted and wonder whether they can remove them. While you can delete posts on BeReal, there are some factors you need to know beforehand.

Here is a quick look at what factors users should keep in mind:

  • Deleting one of your BeReal posts will not only remove it from your feed but your memory section as well — an archive of all the previous images you have uploaded to the app.
  • You are only allowed to delete one BeReal post per day.
  • If you decide to delete the first BeReal post you take, you won’t be able to remove the next one.
  • If you delete a post, you can’t view the posts of friends for that day. You will need to first post a photo at the next prompt to receive access.

How To Delete a BeReal Post

Deleting one of your BeReal Posts is a simplistic process. While it does differ slightly on Android and Apple, it is still roughly the same procedure. Here is a quick overview of how to delete a BeReal post:

The first step is to launch the app and head over to the post you want to remove. On iPhone you will need to click on the three dots next to the post and on Andriod it is located at the top. After you have tapped on the three dots, a box will appear with a few options.

Simply choose the “Delete My BeReal” option and select a reason why you decided to remove the post. After you have done that the app will then ask you to confirm whether you are sure that you want to go through with the process.

BeReal will ask you twice to confirm and after you have said yes the application will delete the post. It’s a quick and easy procedure you can perform at any time given that it is your first image you are removing for the day.

Removing a BeReal Post

While the BeReal app is about people being authentic and capturing the real you, most users will not often need to delete a post. That said, it is nice to know the option does exist if the need ever arises.