How to Make and Share a Clip on Twitch

November 30, 2022 • Zachary Amos


Twitch is the definitive live streaming platform. It hosts 7.93 million broadcasters a month, drawing in an average of 2.66 million concurrent viewers at any given time, but there’s more to the platform than live content. If you learn how to clip on Twitch, you can create and share snippets of your favorite streams.

Whether you want to make the most of your own stream or highlight your favorite moments in others’ content, clips are a great tool. Here’s how you can create and share them.

How to Clip Twitch Streams on Mac or PC

The process of how to make clips on Twitch looks a little different depending on the kind of device you’re on. Let’s start with clipping on a computer, whether that’s a Mac or a PC.

The first step is finding a stream you want to clip. Most Twitch Partners store past streams for 60 days if you want to look for an old one, but you can also clip streams while they’re live. In either case, the rest of the process is the same.

When you get to a point in the stream you want to clip, hover your cursor over the video to bring up the menu. In the bottom-left, you should see the Clip icon, which looks like a movie clapperboard, next to the Settings button. Click that or press Alt and X to create a clip.

After clicking the icon or using the keyboard shortcut, Twitch will open the clip creation page. Use the slider at the bottom of the screen to select the section of the stream you want to clip, and add a title in the text box below. Click “Publish” when you’re done.

How to Clip Streams on Mobile

Making clips on Twitch’s mobile app is similar but slightly different, as you don’t have a mouse to click with. Like on Mac or PC, start by finding a stream you want to clip. Then, tap on the screen to bring up the video options.

If you’re on an iOS device, you’ll have to tap the “Share” button to bring up the clip option. On Android, you’ll see the “Create Clip” icon on the video menu after the first step, so it’s a little faster. From there, the process is the same. When you tap “Create Clip,” you’ll adjust the slider to mark the beginning and end, give your clip a title and tap “Publish” when you’re done.

Sharing Your Clips

Once you hit “Publish” on any clips you’ve created, they’ll appear on your Twitch channel. If you want to share them outside of Twitch, though, you have some options.

When you’re on the clip creation page, you can press “download” to download it instead of posting it on Twitch or “export” to share it on another site. That way, you can post the video in the place of your choosing or keep an offline copy to watch. You can also share old clips on Twitch by opening them, then pressing the “share” button that appears at the top of the video.

Managing Clips on Your Streams

If you stream, clips of your videos present an enticing opportunity. When you know how to clip on Twitch, you can share the most exciting parts of your past streams to increase interest in your channel. That could be helpful when trying to make money on Twitch or grow your audience.

You can also control how viewers can make and share clips of your streams. Open your creator dashboard on Twitch, click “Settings,” then “Stream.” If you want to prevent people from clipping your content, you can toggle the switch labeled “Enable Clips.” It’s turned on by default.

With clips enabled, you’ll notice some other settings below. Under “Exclude categories,” you can choose specific stream categories to disable clips on while allowing them on the rest. Below that, you can restrict clip creation to only followers or subscribers.

Make the Most of Twitch Clips

Knowing how to make and share clips on Twitch opens up a whole new level to the platform. You can then share your favorite moments from your own streams or others you’ve enjoyed. Regardless of how you use the site, clips can add another layer of engagement and fun.