Fitness Tracker Accessories to Boost Your Workout

February 9, 2017 • Devin Partida


In our modern era, there’s no excuse not to track and analyze the way you workout. There is an abundance of fitness trackers on the market, such as Fitbit, and they can all be great motivational tools to help you set and meet goals. Most personal fitness trackers are fine on their own, but fitness tracker accessories and gadgets can complement your tracker so you can get the most from each workout. Here are five of the best.

1. Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor

Top-of-the line fitness trackers are now loaded with features, but sometimes it’s less cumbersome to focus on core features, such as tracking your heart rate during a workout. That’s where the Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor comes in.

The device is a simple strap you wrap around your arm and connect to your favorite fitness app or tracking device via Bluetooth. The sensor gives you an accurate heart rate in real time while training, or allows you to analyze and review when you’re done.

This device might be particularly attractive for swimmers looking for fitness tracker accessories, considering many devices are not completely waterproof. This allows you to transfer heart rate information while swimming with products that support 5kHz transmission.

2. Fitbit Aria Scale

Continuously watching your weight isn’t always the ideal way to shed pounds, but the Fitbit Aria scale can help you monitor your weight in a smart way. If you’re looking for fitness tracker accessories compatible with your Fitbit, this one is wise consideration.

The scale doesn’t simply give you your weight. It also tracks body mass index, lean mass and body fat percentage. The device also has the ability to recognize up to eight separate users, while keeping individual results private.

The scale connects seamlessly to Fitbit trackers and the associated app, allowing owners to use the Calorie Coaching feature to meet their weight goals.

3. Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses

If you’re a serious outdoor runner or cyclist, you probably own a pair of Oakley sunglasses or something similar. The Oakley Radar Pace model of glasses takes training to a new level.

At first glance, it looks like another pair of Oakleys. But the glasses are actually a voice-activated coaching system that gives you instructions through connected earphones while you bike or run.

The glasses are not a replacement for your everyday, all-day fitness tracker. It will come in handy only when biking or running — you aren’t going to wear the sunglasses all day. They have the ability to pair to external fitness sensors to keep track of things such as power output, speed, cadence and distance.

4. Wahoo Tickr X Heart Rate Monitor

There are a limited number of fitness trackers that attempt to track bicycling activity, and those that do sometimes have questionable accuracy. If you’re looking for fitness tracker accessories to use while biking, consider an additional heart rate monitor such as the Wahoo Tickr X.

One of the best things about this chest strap monitor is that it has built-in memory, which means you don’t need your phone on you to track everything from heart rate to calories burned. You can simply concentrate on your workout and then connect it to your device later to make sure your progress is tracked.

The Tickr X is compatible with most popular fitness watches, bike computers and apps, as well as with Wahoo’s own proprietary apps.

5. Instabeat

Swimming is about to take a step into the future. A new crowd-funded device expected to roll out this spring is the Instabeat, a swimming monitor device that attaches to your goggles. It includes a tiny heads-up display that you can see while you swim, monitoring data such as heart rate instantly.

The company is focused on accurate data, which is always a good thing for fitness trackers. Its most recent test model had a 91 percent success rate on any goggle/head shape combination, meaning the product rollout should be imminent.

Which fitness tracking device do you use? No matter which, there is likely an accessory available that can help you maximize your daily workout routine.