How To Improve Self-Confidence In 5 Minutes a Day

February 9, 2017 • Rehack Team


Many people want to improve their self-confidence. Self-confident people can characteristically thrive in social environments, they may feel more at ease under stress at work, and they typically feel comfortable meeting new people and trying new things.

Self-confidence could also help you become more productive because possessing it means you’ll waste less time being fearful. You can become more confident in yourself even if you only have five minutes to devote to that goal each day. Keep reading to learn how.

1. Sit Up Straight

Adjusting your position so you have better posture only takes a second, but it could make you more self-confident. According to a small study from New Zealand, people who sat up straight versus slumping were less likely to be afraid in social situations, had higher self-esteem and fewer negative emotions.

If sitting up straight isn’t a habit yet, try to become more conscious of your positioning until better posture becomes natural. For example, take five-minute blocks of time and coach yourself to sit up especially straight during them. Before long, you won’t even have to think about it.

2. Present Yourself Well

Understanding how to improve self-confidence involves knowing how you present yourself to others. If your hair is always unkempt, your clothes don’t fit well and you always wear a hopeless expression, people aren’t likely to think you’re a self-confident individual. Spend a few minutes examining ways to enhance your presentation, then regularly put them into action.

3. Smile and Give Eye Contact

When interacting with others, look them in the eye and genuinely smile when appropriate. It instantly conveys warmth and gives the impression you’re comfortable with yourself and want to put people around you at ease, too.

4. Write Uplifting Messages On Your Mirror

You may initially think a mirror will diminish your self-esteem, but it could help you learn how to improve self-confidence, especially if you use it as your platform for positive messages.
Use sticky notes or static-cling letters to create visible phrases such as “You are beautiful!” or “You’re going to do great today!” to give yourself a boost. You probably look into your mirror before starting your day, so it may as well be used to help you enjoy a brighter perspective.

5. Compliment Others

People love getting good feedback from others. If you’re secure enough in yourself to praise others, it usually means you feel good about yourself, too. Get into the habit of authentically complimenting others at least once a day, and you’ll probably find you’ve stumbled on how to improve self-confidence in a mutually beneficial way.

6. Listen to a Bass-Heavy Song

Maybe you listen to tunes to start your day right. Research shows that if you listen to a song that has a strong bass beat, you’ll feel more powerful. See if this technique causes you to conjure up confidence right before a situation that requires assertiveness.

7. Say or Write Down Positive Affirmations

Saying or writing down positive affirmations about yourself can cause you to feel more confident, scientists report. Both methods can improve self-confidence quickly, but writing the affirmations is particularly effective. The positive affirmations can be effective even if they’re not directly related to your lack of confidence.

8. Rely on a Lucky Charm

Maybe you have a shirt you like to wear because it always seems to bring you good luck, or a certain bracelet that causes you to feel more relaxed as soon as you clasp it around your wrist. As it turns out, objects that trigger superstitious thoughts aren’t useless.

Researchers say thinking about a lucky charm could increase your perceived ability to succeed, which in turn, causes you to perform better. If the charm has a great deal of sentimental value or appeals specifically to you, it’s more worthwhile.

It’s possible to boost your self-confidence in only a few minutes. Consider the tips on this list!