7 Apps To Help With Your Last Minute Christmas Planning

December 20, 2017 • Devin Partida


last minute Christmas planning

Christmas is a stressful time and last minute Christmas planning can send people over the edge if they aren’t ready to handle it. Luckily, there are now apps for that. Download these to make sure you remember absolutely everything for your last minute Christmas planning this year. It’s time for things to go a bit smoother.

1. Addwish (Free on iOS and Android)

Addwish is basically a wedding or baby shower registry, but for regular holidays and events. You can create a wish list, invite certain people to be able to view it and when someone purchases something on the list, they can mark it off so no one else gets it. It also can be set so the writer of the list doesn’t see what’s been bought – keeping the element of surprise, even with last minute Christmas planning.

2. GiftPlanner (Free on iOS)

Now, to really plan the gift giving. With this app, you can keep track of the gifts you’ve already gotten and who they’re going to. It helps you budget, too, so you don’t go too crazy. With this, you can add tracking numbers to keep an eye on online orders, and it also gives you a countdown till the date and shows you how much shopping and wrapping you have done – and how much more you still need to do before the 25th.

3. Inkly (Free on iOS and Android)

Forget to send a Christmas card to someone? Or get one from someone you didn’t plan to send one to? Inkly lets you customize greeting cards to send to those you missed. You can customize it with your own photos, or choose from one of their templates. You can also have it use your own handwriting and you can pick the envelope they send it in. If you create before midday they can print it same-day, making sure the recipient collects it in time.

4. Paperless Post (Free on iOS)

If you want completely paperless cards this year, this grants your wishes right in the title. Their holiday card prices start at free, making it an economically sound choice as well. You can add your own photos and customize details to convey exactly what you want to get across. They also do invitations, making sending invites to everyone for your annual Christmas party a breeze.

5. Yummly (Free on iOS and Android)

Yummly has a plethora of search filters so you can find the perfect recipe for the exact occasion. You can organize by holiday, specific diets, the taste you’re craving, cook time – the list goes on. This app can help you factor in your aunt’s latest diet, your sister’s gluten allergy and your nephew’s pickiness so that you can find the perfect holiday meal to suit your entire family – and one that you can realistically cook in the time you have.

6. Pinterest (Free on iOS and Android)

Now that you can buy things right from Pinterest, you practically have a wish list already set up if you dig through what your friends and family have been pinning. If you have no idea what to get someone and they’re being difficult about giving you ideas, this can be your solution. See what they’ve been pinning to their main boards, maybe sneak a text to their mom, brother or significant other to make sure they don’t have it and your Christmas is solved.

7. Google Calendar (Free on iOS and Android)

All of the different events happening during the holidays can be confusing. Invite the whole family to share a Google calendar. That way, you can plan out dinners, parties, school Christmas concerts and anything else that comes up. If everyone is connected, everyone can know exactly who needs to be where and when. If there are any super last minute plans someone wants to do, they’ll know what days are free.

Christmas is meant to be the happiest time of the year. Make it feel that way again with these apps so you can get presents wrapped and everything planned – and can use the holiday to finally relax a bit.