9 Best Apps for Dog Lovers

February 26, 2020 • Shannon Flynn


If you love to look at pictures of cute pups or read about the latest advancements in the pet sector, you’ll want to check out these nine apps for dog lovers. They cover a range of topics, from preparing for adoption to getting enough exercise. Since tech is continuously progressing, it’s only right that your pooch reaps some of the benefits. 

Here are some of the best apps for dog lovers that you can explore. 

1. WeRescue

Are you looking to find a furry companion to love and cuddle with? Rescuing dogs is one of the best places to start. WeRescue is essentially a dating app for rescue dogs and other animals. You can explore the various profiles of all the pets in the database. Read about their personalities and flip through adorable photos. With filters and information, you’ll be sure to find the right fur-ever friend.

2. Puppr

One of the first things you might do upon adopting a pup is train them. With Puppr, you can use step-by-step photo instructions to teach your dog commands, such as sit and shake. If your pooch is an advanced learner, you can even teach them how to skateboard. Use the database to contact legitimate dog trainers through live chats. With the tracker, you can monitor your pal’s progress and encourage them with rewards.

3. ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center

Dogs are curious creatures, and you’ll always want to prepare for anything they could eat or ingest. ASPCA’s APCC app can be your source to consult about all things toxic or hazardous for pups. They have a color-coded risk scale that shows you which foods or liquids are okay and which are not. Then, if something happens, you can call the center right from the app. 

4. BringFido

Are you going on a trip? Going out to eat? Just looking for places where you can spend time with your dog? If so, BringFido is the app for you. It helps find dog-friendly locations and services. You can search based on location, breed size and more. With the help of your smartphone, you can find those unique places that allow your friend to accompany you.

5. Tractive Dog Walk

Tractive Dog Walk is somewhat of a central hub for dog walking and exercise. From mapping routes and locations to measuring durations, this app does it all. You can keep a profile on your pooch that stores information and notes. You can also keep images of your pal right on the app. Later, you’ll see your statistics and history all in one place.

6. BarkHappy

Looking to meet up with like-minded dog lovers? BarkHappy helps you do just that. Here you can find other pup owners that are nearby for you to meet. It also features location services that find shops, hotels, parks and more. With the option to see profiles for potential new furry friends, you never know what you’ll find.

7. Shadow

With new technology comes new ways to interact with your community. Shadow provides a unique opportunity to talk to neighbors or anyone nearby if your dog runs away or goes missing. These instances are scary and traumatic. Shadow offers a database of found and missing pups, premade fliers and photos for any lost pet situation. Talking to those on the app can help find your missing friend quickly. 

8. WoofTrax

Another unique way to connect with communities near and far is through WoofTrax. This app allows you to record your walks with your dog and then send a donation to an animal shelter of your choice. After you create a profile, you choose which place you’d like to donate to, and then you walk. The farther you go, the more you can give. If you love being outside with all dogs, consider turning dog walking into an activity for making extra income.

9. Whistle

One of the most advanced apps for dog lovers is Whistle. This app comes with a device for $79.95 and a $9.95 monthly subscription, which may seem like a high price, but the benefits are abundant. You first attach the GPS and health tracker to your pet’s collar. Then, if your pup gets lost or you want to monitor their activity for health, you can see it all from your phone. With location and activity services, your dog stays healthy and close to you.

Easy Love and Care With These Apps for Dog Lovers

Loving your dog comes naturally. If you want to care for your pet the best way possible, consider adding one of these best apps for dog lovers to your routine.