4 Tips To Get the Best Experiences When Using Apps To Make Money

March 18, 2021 • Zachary Amos


Do you fantasize about adding thousands of dollars to your bank account each month by using apps to make money? Becoming that successful isn’t feasible at first, but you can still make some welcome extra cash through this method. Here are some things to do to make this option a worthwhile way to spend your time.

1. Decide How You’d Prefer To Earn

Technological advancements have vastly increased opportunities to use apps to make money via the internet. You can do everything from teaching English to transcribing audio recordings. That’s why it’s best to think about what kinds of tasks are best suited to your abilities and preferences. 

For example, if you like giving your opinion, Survey Junkie is a popular site that allows users to earn points in exchange for taking surveys. They can then redeem them for PayPal cashouts or electronic gift cards.

There’s also Gigwalker, which lets people perform local, in-store assignments or assessments that last from a few minutes to several hours. Compensation goes into your PayPal account after you finish a job. 

If you want to tell brands how to improve their websites and applications, UserTesting provides opportunities to weigh in with your thoughts and get paid seven days later. The payout is $10 for every 20-minute test completed. 

Perhaps you appreciate variety and want chances to do numerous types of work — from proofreading to photographing — at one site. If so, Clickworker is worth a look. Some of these sites and others like them only have web apps, while others also offer mobile applications. As you investigate the options, staying aware of the tasks you’d enjoy will lead to better outcomes. 

2.  Consider Clearing Clutter To Get Cash

You’re probably like most people and have items around the house that you don’t need or want anymore. Some of those unwanted goods could be in-demand enough that they let you use selling apps to make money and clean out your closets at the same time. 

OfferUp is an app for selling cars, electronics and more. Similar to services like Craigslist, it emphasizes in-person transactions rather than those that require shipping something through the mail. 

If you don’t mind sending stuff to a buyer, Mercari is an app for users in the United States and Japan. Printable shipping labels emailed to sellers and no listing fees are some of its perks, besides the fact that there’s a huge assortment of product categories, from printer ink to branded sports team fan gear. 

Before deciding to use these apps to part with some of your stuff, research to confirm there’s a market for it. For example, maybe you assumed your teenager’s unopened special-edition Barbie doll would fetch at least $50. A quick look at a site like eBay might show that people actually only pay about $5 for the toy. 

Factor in the time spent to take pictures of your items, write product descriptions and tweak the settings associated with your listings, too. If you’re aware of those necessities before getting started, they’ll seem more manageable. Otherwise, you might get frustrated at these perceived extra tasks. 

3. Use Apps to Turn Your Passions Into Moneymaking Opportunities

People often say that if you’re making money while doing something you love, you’ll be less likely to notice the effort. Besides aiming to find apps to make money that let you engage in enjoyable activities, there could be ways to turn your favorite pastimes into chances to earn.

For a start, there’s Wag!, an app that connects dog lovers with walking and supervision opportunities. Those could be great if you have canines at home — or miss the fact that you don’t — and would love to spend more time with dogs while making money. 

Maybe friends often comment that you’d make a great tour guide because you know so much about the area. Surprise Me is an app that visitors use to take self-guided walking tours by listening to audio recordings from experts. The creators earn commissions every time someone buys one of theirs This scenario is ideal if you want to play a role in helping people love where you live and give them insights that books and websites may not offer. 

Perhaps sizeable percentages of your typical days involve taking good care of yourself by exercising, meditating and eating well. If so, the Achievement app turns those healthy habits into points redeemable for cash. It also lets you take part in medical research by answering health surveys. 

Using apps to make money will become a more pleasant experience overall if you look for options that align with what you already do and love. That way, you can alter your processes slightly to capitalize on the earning potential, but you won’t need to do something entirely new. 

4. Try Cashback Apps to Earn With Your Purchases

Some apps to earn money reward you for making purchases. Those transactions are ideally for things you need anyway, like groceries or gas. 

Dosh is an app used by retailers like Sephora and Walmart. There’s no need to make special purchases to earn money. Simply use the app to shop at the more than 100,000 qualifying stores and accumulate cash automatically. Once you get to $25, transfer the funds to Venmo or PayPal or donate it to a charity. 

Paribus works a bit differently. It automatically scans your inbox for order confirmations, delivery details and other relevant specifics. The app then alerts you to opportunities that could result in more cash for you. 

For example, if a merchant drops their prices soon after you buy a product, Paribus makes up the difference. It also works with select online retailers — including Amazon — to give you money if deliveries arrive later than promised. 

These apps to make money work well if you want some extra cash without adding another responsibility to your schedule. Getting the desired results is as straightforward as using specialty apps when buying things. You’ll likely consider them worth your time because they fit in with something you’d need to do even without the benefit of an app that results in extra money.

Evaluate Your Situation Before Choosing Apps to Make Money

These suggestions show that you may have any number of motivations to use apps that make money. Perhaps you’re trying to fill some free time, or maybe you’d rather boost your bank account balance and get rid of items you no longer need at the same time. 

Matching your circumstances to the earning method is a great way to maximize the satisfaction you feel. Remember, liking the outcome is about more than the amount earned. It also concerns how convenient — and even fun! — the task is for you.