9 of the Best Productivity Apps for Students

October 16, 2019 • Zachary Amos


Sometimes people say that students have it easy, but they forget just how much students have to juggle. Whether you’re in high school or college, you have a full load of classes, plus potentially other jobs or life responsibilities. What are the best productivity apps to help?

It makes it difficult to keep track of everything you have going on in your classes. One missed test or deadline and you may feel like you’re behind for the rest of the semester.

Instead of taking chances with your work, try some of the best productivity apps for students. Even if it takes a few minutes to learn how to use them, they could end up transforming your educational experience.

To-Do List Apps

The first thing that comes in handy for school work is a to-do list. Once you leave the classroom and head back to the library or where you live, you might forget the specific details of your homework assignments. These apps will help make sure that never happens again.

  • Remember the Milk: People love using Remember the Milk because it’s so easy to personalize with how you want to structure your to-do list. It syncs across all your devices and sends reminders through email, text and even Twitter so you never forget anything. It’s easy to learn how to use and takes only minutes to set up.
  • TickTick: When you use TickTick for your to-do lists, you get bonus features that make the app great. Set timers and reminders for every to-do list item to beat procrastination. Save them on the app’s internal calendar, sync on all your devices and share reminders or events with friends who may work on projects with you.
  • ToDoist: Anyone who wants to streamline their productivity should download ToDoist. It’s most popular with people who collaborate with team members on projects and assignments. To unlock the upgraded version with the calendar and project templates, students only have to pay $36 each year.

Note-Taking Apps

Taking notes may feel like an endless task that’s hard to review when you need it. Instead of flipping through pages in binders, try one of these note-taking apps for easy accessibility.

  • OneNote: No matter what devices you use, you can download OneNote and access free, unlimited notebooks with endless pages. Customize each notebook’s color, label and how the pages are set up. It’s perfect for typing or handwriting notes and saving files in one place.
  • Google Docs: Available on both Androids and iPhones, Google Docs is great for collaboration and seamless note-taking. Share files with team members and who’s doing what in the document as everyone works. Open and create notes on your phone, tablet or laptop with this easy to use app.
  • Evernote: Evernote is for students who want everything that OneNote and Google Docs offer, but with a few added features. Within Evernote, users can make different to-do lists, scan texts into photos and enjoy making voice memos.

Adulting Made Easy Apps

Besides taking notes and checking things off your to-do list, students have to learn how to adult on the fly. These apps will make that easier, so adulting doesn’t seem so hard to do.

  • Winder: Most students have an ever-changing sleep routine, which makes it harder to wake up. Winder helps students by deciding when to wake you up, depending on your programmed commute and what day of the week it is.
  • Stretch!: Maintaining a healthy morning routine is what will set every day up for success. Instead of rolling out of bed ten minutes before your first morning class, wake up a bit earlier to stretch. Stretch! gently wakes up your body and improves overall blood circulation so you can think clearly and handle whatever it is you have to do.
  • Week Plan: The Week Plan app is a multi-platform app that breaks down upcoming tasks for the week through boards, journals and lists. Set timers for when you want to take study breaks and sync everything with your Google or Outlook calendar so you can easily form your days around appointments or meetings.

Test Them Out

The only way to know which of these productivity apps will help you the most is to test them out. Try out the different features and see which ones fit seamlessly into your schedule. After a little time, you’ll see how much more productive you’ll be because of the features on these apps.