7 To-Do List Chrome Apps to Enhance Efficiency

March 27, 2018 • Devin Partida


Chrome Productivity To-Do listIf you’re tired of using too many separate apps to meet your productivity goals, how about choosing some that work in your browser? To-do list Chrome apps help you stay focused while encouraging getting things done, making them convenient additions to your browser’s setup. Let’s look at some to check out.

1. Wunderlist

Like some other to-do-list Chrome apps, this one has both a free and paid version. Wunderlist gives desktop task notifications, ensuring you don’t forget about a crucial responsibility. There’s also the option to share lists, which saves time when planning a family vacation or a surprise birthday party. There’s a Wunderlist New Tab extension as well, which shows your to-do lists every time you open a tab. (Free. Pro version for $4.99 per month)

2. Momentum

Instead of only looking for to-do list Chrome apps that show you things to get done, why not use one that offers inspiring quotes and beautiful photography, too? That’s Momentum. It gives you a non-cluttered dashboard to replace your New Tab page that you can customize, so it only includes the information needed to work without wasting time. (Free. Plus version for $2.50 per month)

3. Simple To-Do List

This Chrome app lives up to its name with a quick drag-and-drop interface that ensures you don’t spend more time making lists than accomplishing things. Try a color-coded system to assign priorities to tasks, or use the text input window directly below an existing list to add a new item in seconds. After finishing something, just click to the right of the list entry to check it off.

It’s also possible to integrate links into your lists, which is helpful for tasks that relate to websites. For example, you could add something to do that says, “Find a new swimsuit” and insert a link to an associated online store that has flattering styles. (Free)

4. Taco

Maybe the reason why you aren’t as efficient as you’d like with checking off things on your to-do list is that you use several task and project-management apps — such as Basecamp and Asana, among many others — and devote too much of your day toggling between each service.

In that case, there’s Taco, which brings all your tasks from those various websites to your Chrome browser. It puts your new list items on Chrome tabs, letting you see them throughout the day. Plus, Taco separates the stuff to do into Up Next and For Later sections, making it simple to view your priorities at a glance.

Additionally, there’s a way to get email summaries of tasks at your preferred frequency, whether that’s weekly or daily. You can even pick the time when the message gets delivered to your inbox. (Free with available in-app purchases)

5. Add Tasks to Do It (Tomorrow)

It’s common for people to feel so overwhelmed by the knowledge that they can’t finish all their tasks in one day that efficiency comes to a halt. If that sounds like you, the Add Tasks to Do It (Tomorrow) extension will probably be useful for helping you manage your time — as long as you don’t use this app to encourage procrastination.

You can probably guess from the app’s name that it lets you plan which things to do should get accomplished tomorrow instead of today. There’s an accompanying app that looks like an electronic version of a Moleskine notebook, and the Chrome app lets you put new tasks in there without leaving your browser or even opening another tab. That kind of synchronization allows you to keep to-do lists up to date without risking being distracted. (Free)

6. Todoist

Todoist combines simplicity with robust capabilities, offering a Chrome app that’s intuitive and filled with the features you want. Add tasks to lists as soon as they come in and use recurring reminders to help you stay on top of deadlines and create positive habits.

Furthermore, this Chrome app allows creating shared tasks that could help you delegate to free up your day — and headspace — for maximum efficiency. (Free. Premium version for $34.99 per year)

7. 135 List

Do you like to break down your to-do lists into chunks to make them more manageable? This Chrome app is made for you. It urges you to complete one big task per day, three medium-sized ones and five small responsibilities.

The application handily segments responsibilities into those sections, meaning you’ll have a consistent sense of accomplishment while working through each day and know at a glance how far away you are from staying on track with the 135 system. Because this app helps you get into a daily pattern of never having too many sizeable tasks to finish at once, it could keep your stress levels down to optimize efficiency. (Free)

By using the suggestions on this list, you can get more things done without leaving your browser. After noticing all the saved time, you might wonder how you ever got by without them.