Need a Helpful Gmail App for Windows 10? Here’s 6

January 29, 2019 • Zachary Amos


With access to the internet and gadgets like never before, you can stay in contact with everyone you need to. Your email inbox has become your lifeline to work, your favorite brands and your community. So, you’ll need a practical Gmail app for Windows 10.

Whether you need to shoot a quick email to your boss or send an e-vite to a party, the way you organize your account is essential to your productivity. Your phone isn’t the only tool you use to stay updated and exchange information with your co-workers and clients.

What if there was a way to boost your efficiency with Gmail apps for your PC? Well, there is — and to get started, you can head over to the Windows 10 Mail App to input your Gmail information. Click the gear icon to update your settings and add an account. But you also have another option. You can choose from other apps to manage your Gmail, too.

Depending on structure, design, capabilities and ease of use, you can find a Gmail app for Windows that suits your preferences. There’s no need to keep an extra browser tab open to check in on your emails. Here are six Gmail apps to use on Windows 10 that can help promote productivity.

1. Windows Mail

If you have a PC with Windows 10, this is the simplest way to sort through your Gmail account from an app. Windows Mail often comes pre-installed, but if you halted the Windows 10 update or don’t have access to the download, you can get it for free once you’ve restarted the process.

Unlike most other email apps, there are no ads featured. It’s also connected to Windows’ Calendar and People, so you can easily transfer appointments and reminders between these to streamline your schedule.

2. WunderMail

For a Gmail-specific app with a crisp design, try WunderMail for a satisfying user experience. You can download the free version of the app effortlessly, but if you want to get rid of ads, there’s also a paid upgrade available.

With labels, categories, filters and syncing functions, you can increase your efficiency. Enjoy its compatibility with your touch screen and standard mouse-and-keyboard PCs.

3. EasyMail

Another Gmail app for Windows, EasyMail is a spin on the familiar layout of Gmail. Although it has recurring banner ads, its other beneficial elements recommend it. As it sends you native notifications, you can remain informed and connected.

View incoming messages from the Live Tile each day for a quick notice — rearrange your start menu to highlight it, so it’s the first thing you see.

4. Mailbird

You can compile all your Gmail accounts into one location with Mailbird. Take advantage of the free download, but consider one of the “pro” enhancements, which is best for businesses. Prioritize your emailing tasks by testing out the snooze feature, only available with the paid upgrade.

This way you can bypass unnecessary emails, and give your full attention to your most crucial to-dos. The speed reader tool can also help you move through your emails faster than ever for ultimate productivity.

5. Thunderbird

Although you’ll have to head over to their official site for the free download, Mozilla’s Thunderbird is an email software that can provide you with a customizable and sophisticated option. With a look that reflects other Mozilla products, the tabbed email arrangement lets you switch between emails.

Use the skins and add-ons to adjust the feel of the app, and check out the multiple-channel chat for real-time conversation across several platforms.

6. TouchMail

If you’ve accumulated a massive amount of emails, TouchMail can help you tackle an unorganized inbox. Since this app functions with more email platforms than just Gmail, you can handle any extra accounts, too. This one is not free, so you’ll have to pay the upfront fee, along with any in-app purchases you make.

Minimize the trouble of sifting and grouping your emails with understandable tools. TouchMail’s message tiles also give you manageable chunks of information for sneak peeks into your inbox.

Select the Best Gmail App for Windows

Take control of your inbox with these useful Gmail resources for Windows 10. You can boost the quality and effectiveness of your work and personal life through management and scheduling aids.

Start functioning at maximum productivity with a high-performing Gmail app.