6 Apps to Generate Creativity

November 8, 2017 • Devin Partida


Even the most creative of us need a little boost sometimes. With all the technology we have now, there are plenty of apps for creativity that can help us when we’re in a jam. From writing to drawing, from photography to videography, consider these apps for creativity to help you create your best work yet.

1. SimpleMind (Free on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android Devices)

Perfect for figuring out the next chapter of that novel, SimpleMind may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of apps for creativity. However, SimpleMind can be used on a variety of platforms, letting you take down ideas whenever the moment strikes. Use words and images to create a mind map, connecting thoughts and getting a visual of how everything comes together.

While this is a great tool for writing a story or a book and planning out the moves of your characters, it’s also great for everyday life. It can help you develop a film narrative, too, as well as highlight the emotions and themes you want to put into your next painting.

2. Brainsparker (Free on iOS and Android Devices)

Brainsparker offers hundreds of random prompts to help spark something in your mind. They aren’t just direct worded prompts, either. There are quotes, images, actions and questions — a wide variety to help find something for everyone. These prompts aren’t limited to helping writers, either. It can spark whatever creative thought that particular prompt makes you feel.

Brainsparker also offers free creativity workouts that are available to download. These can help you get into a routine of creativity and exercising it, making it easier to use and conjure when you need it most.

3. Dubble (Free on iOS Devices)

A very interesting concept, Dubble lets you pair your photos with others from community members, creating magical double exposure photos you couldn’t do on your own. A double exposure with another photo could take your photography to the next level and bring on some really cool images you never would’ve thought of.

Another great idea is to use the images you make or the ones you see posted by the community as a prompt for a story. What’s going on in this picture and how did it get that way? How does the image make you feel? You could be surprised at the ideas that start flowing after viewing some unique photography.

4. Unstuck (Free on iOS, Android and Web)

Unstuck helps you if you’re feeling stuck with both creativity and life in general. Unstuck asks you various questions to help identify how you got stuck and how you’re behaving as a result. Then, it provides the tools to help you make a plan to get unstuck. The helpful tips are targeted specifically for your situation and you’re provided with tools to help you take action.

5. Autodesk Sketchbook (Free on iOS and Android)

This might be the best drawing app you can get on your device. It makes it feel like drawing on paper as much as digital drawing can. Menus stay out of the way until you’re ready to change your color or utensil. With a subscription, you can put the app on all your devices, letting you pick up and draw on your tablet or phone, whenever inspiration strikes. You can also import your line drawings and bring them to life with color.

6. TED Talks (Free on iOS and Android, TV App Also Available)

What better way to inspire some creativity than talks by the greatest minds in the world? The TED app lets you download videos to your device to save for later, letting inspiration continue. Also, there’s a function called “Inspire Me” so you can find talks that are catered to exactly what you need right now. A variety of television streaming devices offer the app as well, so you can enjoy it on the big screen from your couch.

Inspiration for creativity can come from so many places — including apps. Try some of these out the next time you find yourself struggling to make that creative magic happen.