5 Apps to Boost Morning Productivity

October 3, 2014 • Devin Partida


There’s no denying the importance of a good start to a day. Giving yourself enough time to get ready and eat a nutritious breakfast, without rushing, will make it easier to tackle any tasks you have that day. Getting a good morning mindset is something that mostly anyone would like to achieve.

Morning productivity – primarily in terms of waking up and efficiently completing subsequent tasks until noon – is fantastic, but we all know how hard it can be sometimes to accomplish. Everyone occasionally feels groggy or unmotivated in the morning, as they nestle under their warm covers – as the alarm clock rings – one final time and dread the hectic day ahead.

Fortunately, there are a variety of programs and mobile apps that anyone can use to boost their morning productivity:

1. An “Intelligent” Alarm Clock

Mobile apps like Sleep Cycle can make you feel immediately more refreshed in the morning. They work by analyzing your sleep patterns and then identifying the ideal time to wake you up, which is when you’re in your lightest sleep phase. Waking up in the midst of a heavy sleep phase can result in grogginess for hours; apps like these help you feel refreshed by the time you finish breakfast.

2. Exercise Tracking Tool

Many people find themselves more motivated to exercise when they’re logging it somewhere or have an exercise buddy. An app like Fitocracy allows users to work with expert trainers, who can work around your own schedule and will motivate you as much as desired. Opting to work out via apps like these, instead of the gym, can save you hours throughout your week, making Fitocracy an attractive morning workout alternative.

eating breakfast with phone

3. A Journal to Generate Thoughts


It’s easier to wake up and prepare for the day when your mind is at work, instead of groggily thinking of nothing. Even if your bones are achy and your throat is dry, an able mind can help you drive through the work day. To help stimulate your mind early, consider writing daily in a mobile journal like Day One. Notepad or Word works as well.

Whether you’re using it as a task list (like a list of things to do in the day ahead), as a way to reflect on the previous day or just to ruminate on dreams from the night prior, writing in the morning can alert and awaken your mind.

4. Brain Games

A site like Lumosity can also wake your brain up, via brain games. Several studies back that Lumosity’s personalized game-based training programs help to improve memory and alertness. Considering those two aspects tend to be at a daily low each morning, playing brain games on a site like Lumosity can help sharpen your cognitive skills for the day ahead.

5. Meditation Guides

If strenuous exercise, journal-writing and brain games aren’t exactly your favorite things, then meditation offers the potential to clear your mind and subsequently boost your overall productivity in the day ahead.

If you have 20 minutes each morning, the Mindfulness app for iPhone and Android has been praised by thousands for its ability to reduce stress and increase relaxation and well-being. With aided guides to gentle deep breathing and directed meditation, in addition to the ability to store statistics on your participation, Mindfulness is a nice option for those seeking a productive start to their morning.

For many, the morning is the most difficult time to get alert and productive. Fortunately, the five apps above should ease many into a high-productivity mindset. Increased productivity means more free time to spend with loved ones and/or hobbies at the end of the day, in addition to generally feeling more refreshed on a daily basis. Pursuing morning-time productivity is absolutely worthwhile.

Image by Carli Jean and Viktor Hanacek