4 Apps for Cats That Your Pet Will Love

September 7, 2017 • Devin Partida


Have you ever considered downloading apps for cats on your phone or tablet?

If you’ve ever used a laser pointer to shine a red dot on the floor for your cat to chase, you know kitties love stimulation.

Check out the ideas below to learn more about apps for cats — perfect for when you’re talking on the phone to a friend or trying to get engrossed in the latest episode of your favorite TV show and don’t want distractions.

1. Game for Cats

Compared to other apps for cats, this one has a straightforward name that leaves no doubts about its purpose.

It allows your frisky feline to chase various objects across the screen, such as several kinds of mice, and yes, a laser pointer, which is good news if your physical version has a dead battery.

Designed for iOS, Game for Cats has better user reviews than some other apps for cats, because users report their critters stay engaged with it and even get excited when they see their owners getting the devices because they associate the iPad or iPhone with playtime.

It’s free to download, but it costs $1.99 to buy something new for your cat to chase.

Since the app also has a scoring function, you can enjoy it too. Just keep track of the scores your cat achieves and see if they continually get better with every play session.

2. Cat Alone

Feeling guilty about the solitary time your cat spends when you’re at work or school?

Consider downloading this Android app and letting your kitty stay occupied even if you’re not around. Because you may not be willing to leave your phone or tablet at home for hours for the benefit of your cat, taking this approach works best if you have an old Android phone that still works stashed in a drawer.

This free app works on the same principle as the one above, but it has even more things for your cat to chase, such as ladybugs and cockroaches. Even better, sounds accompany the graphics, encouraging even more curiosity.

3. Human-to-Cat Translator

Like many other devoted owners, you may have tried to mimic the sounds your cat makes when talking to it while trying to form a deeper bond.

The Human-to-Cat Translator app for iOS picks up the sound of your voice in real time and converts it to meows. Imagine your cat’s surprise when it sees your mouth moving in time with the sounds and notices they sound more authentic than any of your other efforts.

This is a free app. However, you’ll need to pay 99 cents for a Cat Voice Pack that unlocks the game’s full potential.

4. Cat Sounds

If your pet gets excited at the mere sound of a fellow cat’s meow on a commercial or in a movie, the Cat Sounds Android app helps you tap into that reaction and keep the feline wondering if another cat wants to socialize.

Boasting over 10,000 five-star reviews on the Google Play Store, this app features a thorough collection of several types of sounds, such as the ones cats make when they’re hungry or asserting authority in the presence of another creature.

The app is also useful if you want to study how your furry companion reacts to certain audio clips versus others.

Try hiding your gadget under a pillow or blanket while switching to the different effects to add an interesting element that’ll make your cat try to discover the source of the stimuli.

Keeping your cat occupied has many benefits, such as a reduced likelihood your pet will play with things that aren’t its toys or do things to get attention when you’re trying to focus on making dinner or getting work done.

These apps help you keep a feisty feline happy without spending much money.