8 Ways to Feel Better When Life Is Hard

February 14, 2019 • Rehack Team


The smallest things can turn your day around or totally ruin it. All it takes to make your day crummy is getting caught in the rain for five minutes, and with even worse circumstances, it can be challenging to push through to find the positives. When life is hard, any shred of hope is worthwhile.

Rather than letting mishaps and setbacks dictate the rest of your day, focus on cheering yourself up. With the intention of instilling joy, you can show resilience by smiling and moving on when life is difficult.

A little self-care and peace can get you started on feeling better. Check out these eight minor things that can boost your mood significantly when the days get a bit tough.

1. Hug a Loved One

Although you may want to avoid people after an awful day, consider giving someone you’re close to a hug. Wrapping your arms around a friend or family member can connect you to them in a special way.

Hugging someone can prepare you to withstand conflict later on. If your upsetting circumstances are ongoing, ask for a quick squeeze. This simple gesture can make you feel secure and soothed.

2. Fix a Warm Drink for Yourself

Cozying up under the covers with a steamy beverage in hand is the epitome of comfort, and these tension-reducing effects aren’t just in your head — decaffeinated teas can actually lower stress levels.

Find solace while sipping a hot cup of decaffeinated or herbal tea. Or whip up a childhood favorite, hot cocoa, for a chocolatey treat. Opt for a drink that reminds you of better times so that you can enjoy pleasant memories and a moment of calm.

3. Take a Walk in Nature

For a brief escape from the chaos, get out in nature to de-stress. If you feel safe doing so, leave your electronics behind or off to eliminate your distractions, and stroll through a local park or take a few hours to visit the mountains.

You can reap the benefits of sunlight and boost your mood by spending time outside, and the quiet setting and change of pace can refresh you so that you can face your challenges with new strength.

4. Listen to an Old Jam

Tuning out from your responsibilities for a few minutes is even better when you put on a song you used to love. Humming a familiar jam can lift your spirits and bring back a little of your confidence.

It can also remind you of the past and other struggles you’ve made it through. Reminisce on what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown since then. You’ll feel a little less down after an upbeat song from your favorite artist.

5. Do a Kind Act for Someone Else

When life is hard, your own problems are keeping you preoccupied. Focusing on how you can brighten someone else’s day can make you feel like you can control at least a few things.

Start by spreading kindness through a thoughtful action like buying a cup of coffee for a stranger or shooting a friend an encouraging text.

6. Take a Nap

Going through tough times is exhausting, and you can drain your energy when you don’t get enough rest. Curling up for a quick nap can increase your alertness and improve your mood.

Waking up from a much-needed nap can give you a new perspective on your situation, so flip the lights and let yourself drift off for 20 to 30 minutes. Make sure you stay mindful of your needs by nourishing your own health in this way and in other ways.

7. Think a Happy Thought

Happiness doesn’t simply happen — you have to take realistic steps to increase your joy. Adopting a child-like approach to life can reorient your attitude and enrich your life.

Improve your outlook on life by freeing yourself to choose one happy thought. Keep it in mind, and your single happy thought will be a manageable start to feeling better.

8. Laugh With a Friend

Many people use humor as a go-to solution to life’s problems. Pulling up a silly video and laughing along with a friend can minimize your worries, and you can feel less alone and upset after putting your attention on a joke or a funny situation.

Lift Your Spirits in Difficult Times

When life is hard, you can take comfort in the fact that there will be new opportunities tomorrow. Simple steps can make your day tolerable — or even completely erase your negative feelings.