12 Best Tech Gifts for Kids This Holiday Season

December 6, 2021 • Devin Partida


This has simultaneously been the longest and shortest two years in the history of the human race. Time is running out to start shopping for holiday gifts. For anyone who’s got tech-savvy kids and is still gift-hunting, here are some of the best tech gifts for kids this holiday season.

1. VTech KidiZoom PrintCam

Was there anything cooler than the instant gratification of a Polaroid camera? Today, digital cameras can take a picture in an instant, ending up with a physical copy takes a lot of extra steps. The VTech KidiZoom PrintCam can instantly print black-and-white photos and store digital color images.

Package it with a 32GB SD card so the budding photographer has plenty of space to store all of their favorite photos. Each roll of thermal paper can print up to 80 photos, and the refill option includes both photo and sticker paper.

$49.88 from Walmart

2. Virtual Pong

For parents and even grandparents at this point, Pong was the coolest gift that might show up under the Christmas tree in 1972. Gaming technology has changed dramatically since then, but the excitement surrounding one of the first video games lives on to this day, in the form of Virtual Pong.

The console creates a ball of light that bounces off walls, ceilings, and other flat surfaces, with two controllers so players can bounce the ball back and forth. For only children, there is also the option to play a single-player game against the console. 

$79.99 from Sharper Image

3. Artie 3000 The Coding Robot

For the kids that are interested in learning how to code for the holidays, there is Artie 3000, the Coding Robot. This adorable little bot pairs with desktops, laptops, or mobile devices, and uses drag-and-drop command blocks to teach kids how to code with JavaScript, Blockly, Python, and more. It’s a great way to introduce the idea of coding to kids as young as 7 while setting them up with a skill that will serve them well for years to come.

$64.94 from Walmart

4. Redbox Teach Tech Mech-5 Programmable Mechanical Robot Coding Kit

This option is another coding robot, though designed for slightly older kids. Instead of syncing with a phone or laptop, this robot allows the user to direct its actions by snapping coding buttons onto a coding wheel. Then just add a pair of AAA batteries and send the robot on its way. This coding robot is designed for users ages 8-12, but could easily be enjoyed by kids of all ages. 

$29.99 from Best Buy

5. Orbotix Sphero SPRK+

Not every robot has to be educational. Sphero has been one of the industry leaders in small personal sphere bots for years, and the SPRK+ is another great entry in its portfolio. That said, this does come with access to the Sphero EDU app that allows users to code and create their own programs.

They can use it to control the bot — and even share those programs with other SPRK+ users. These do require a mobile device capable of downloading the app, but the bot itself is scratch-resistant and waterproof, so it will take a beat and keep rolling along. 

$192.16 from Amazon

6. Personal Planetarium

Space might be the final frontier, but a trip to the stars is a little out of the price range of most parents this holiday season. Instead of scraping and saving pennies, consider adding a personal planetarium to the holiday shopping list.

This augmented reality viewer is one of the best tech gifts for kids available this season. It uses a phone to overlay constellations, planets and other facts on the user’s field of view as they stare up at the night sky. It will support phones up to six inches, so ensure that the recipient’s phone will fit before purchasing this awesome tool for space fans of all ages.

$50 from Uncommon Goods

7. Wacom Intuos Draw

What about gifts for the artists in the house? Wacom is one of the best-known brands for drawing tablets in the world, but for beginners, the accompanying price tag can seem a little intimidating. The Intuos Draw tablet is affordable, easy to use, and makes it easier to turn their artistic masterpieces into reality. Hook up this tablet, install the drivers, and they’ll have everything they need to turn graphic design from a hobby into a passion. 

$79.95 from Amazon

8. Intelino Smart Train

Train sets have always been cool, but they haven’t gotten an upgrade in a while. Intelino is changing that up with its new Smart Trainset. This set comes with 40 mix-and-match track tiles that kids can set up in any design they want.

The trains themselves are controlled with a mobile app, letting users be the conductor as they adjust speed and direction. If the track is too short, there are extension packs available. Even without a mobile app, the adjustable colored tiles allow users to control the train’s speed and direction, similar to some of the coding toys already mentioned. 

$119.95 from Amazon

9. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Mario Set

For those kids who already have a Nintendo Switch at home, Mario Kart is probably a favorite game. After all, it’s one of the most famous franchises Nintendo has. The only thing that could make it cooler is being able to race those karts in real life — and that’s precisely what this gift delivers.

Control either Mario or Luigi with the Nintendo Switch controllers to set up a course and see who wins. Don’t leave any banana peels or blue shells on the floor where people can step on them, though. 

$59.99 from GameStop

10. 4DV9 Mini Drone

What would a kid’s gifts list be without at least one drone? It will probably always be one of the top contenders for the best tech gifts for kids. They may not be as popular as they were when they first hit the markets a few years ago, but the technology has only improved over time.

This little drone has all the bells and whistles, from a Wi-Fi camera connection letting the pilot see and record to altitude control to prevent the drone from flying too high, and a one-touch return home button that will keep the pilot from losing the drone as it returns to base.

$41.63 from Amazon 

11. FurReal Koala

Whether your shopping list includes a budding veterinarian, an animal lover, or just someone who adores plushies, the FurReal Koala is a perfect choice. This interactive koala animatronic plush has more than 60 different reactions, from sounds to movements.

It will even babble in response to being spoken to, though it’s definitely not speaking English. It’s an adorable gift for anyone who loves koalas, regardless of their age. This adorable plush is everything that the Furby should have been, without the creep factor.

$60.99 from Target 

12. Creative Arcades Full-Size Cocktail Arcade Machine

Okay, this might be going a little crazy, but who doesn’t want their own pre-loaded arcade machine with more than 1100 games in the comfort of their own home? It’s a bit indulgent, but what better time to indulge than the holiday season?

This monstrosity comes with a 26” screen, controls for two players, and more games than the average gamer could enjoy in a lifetime. Kids and adults alike can relive all of their best arcade memories without worrying about whether or not they’re going to run out of quarters.

$2,598 from Amazon

Get Great Tech Gifts for Kids

Anyone who hasn’t started their holiday shopping yet is swiftly running out of time. Hopefully, this list of tech gifts for kids will help make that last-minute shopping a little bit easier. Good luck getting that shopping done!