12 Best Tech Gifts for Mom This Holiday Season

December 3, 2021 • Devin Partida


The holiday season is fast approaching and anyone who hasn’t already started their shopping is quickly running out of time. Let’s take a peek at some of the best tech gifts for Mom this holiday season, because, after everything she does all year, Mom deserves the best on Christmas.

1. Breville Joule Sous Vide

If mom is the one who’s always in the kitchen, why not give her an awesome tool that will change things up a little bit? The Breville Joule Sous Vide makes it easy to create flavorful dishes with nothing more than a vacuum bag and a bit of hot water.

Sous vide cooking ensures that whatever the meal is, every single bite will be full of flavor.  This particular model is also WiFi and Bluetooth compatible, making it easy to monitor the doneness of a dish without having to pop into the kitchen every few minutes.

$199.95 from Amazon

2. Kindle Paperwhite

Who doesn’t love having thousands of books at their fingertips at any given moment?  The newest incarnation of the Kindle Paperwhite comes in a great variety of colors with all sorts of covers and accessories to make it uniquely hers.  As a bonus, this version of the Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof, which makes it the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys reading in the bath, by the pool or at the beach.

$139.99 from Amazon

3. Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

Programmable coffee makers are a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean that Mom needs to get up every morning to set up the coffee maker.  The Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker is compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Echo Dot, so all she has to do is say “Alexa, make the coffee” in the morning to be greeted with the perfect hot cup of coffee before she even has to get out of bed. 

$97.49 from Amazon

4. Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Is there anything better than strapping on some headphones and tuning out the entire world?  The Sony Wireless Headphones are one of the best tech gifts for Mom. They provide top-of-the-line noise-canceling and crystal-clear sound, no matter what the soundtrack is.

These wireless headphones come in three colors and will also work with the phones, offering 30 hours of battery life and wear detection that will automatically pause the playback when the headphones are removed. 

$248.00 from Amazon

5. Apple Wireless Charging Station

If Mom is an Apple fan, she’s probably got a lot of different chargers spread out on her nightstand — one for the phone, one for the AirPods and one for her Apple watch, just to name a few.  Why not gift her something that will take care of all of her charging needs in one streamlined place? 

This all-in-one charging station offers wireless charging for all the common Apple devices.  Just drop your phone, watch and AirPods on at night and they’ll be ready to go in the morning. Plus it comes in three colors so there’s something there to fit everyone’s aesthetic.

$ 36.99 from Amazon

6. Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case

Buying Mom an iPad may be out of your price range, but if she’s already got one, then some accessories can help her make the most out of these mobile devices. The Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case comes with a gorgeous case, a keyboard, and a trackpad that make it easier to stay in touch. 

Instead of fighting with Bluetooth, this Logitech keyboard case uses Apple’s smart connector. This is great for you, too, since Mom won’t need your help setting it up. If she prefers Android devices, skip this keyboard — this is an Apple-only accessory.

$129.99 from Amazon

7. AeroGarden Harvest

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a warm climate with a long growing season or enough space to grow.  Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to set up a small hydroponic garden in a kitchen or windowsill with Aerogarden.

These tiny countertop gardens have everything necessary to grow herbs or small plants — water, lights, and an app that will alert Mom when it’s time to add water or nutrients for the perfect harvest every time. There’s really nothing better than fresh herbs or tomatoes right from the kitchen. 

$99.99 from AeroGarden

8. Kodak Mobile Film Scanner

How many moms have a collection of old film negatives or 35mm slides? It’s possible to take these to a photo lab and have them scanned, but it’s expensive and time-consuming — plus it means trusting a stranger with those precious memories. 

This filmer scanner is one of the best tech gifts for Mom because it lets her use her phone’s camera to scan and capture these old negatives and slides. It lets her store them on her phone and share them or get them printed.   It’s the perfect tool to help bring those old memories into the 21st century and make them easier to share with the world. 

$34.99 from Amazon

9. Dyson Air Purifier

Interior air quality is so important, especially moving into the winter months when everyone stays indoors to avoid the cold.  Plants and high-quality air filters can all help to reduce contaminants that might affect respiratory health, but they aren’t nearly as cool-looking when wrapped under the Christmas tree. Dyson Air Purifiers are the best gift for anyone who is spending long periods indoors and is concerned about their respiratory health.

$474.99 from Amazon

10. Ember Mug2

What is it about being a mom that comes with cold cups of coffee or tea left forgotten on tabletops and counters as they go about their day?  Sure, they can throw it in the microwave and heat it back up, but it never tastes quite the same. 

Enter the Ember Mug2 — a smart mug that will keep Mom’s favorite hot beverage at the perfect temperature for up to 90 minutes. Any longer than that and Mom may find herself having to brew up a new cup anyway, but hopefully, that gives her enough time to finish and actually enjoy that cup of coffee. 

$129.99 from Amazon

11. Bartesian Cocktail Machine

Having a cocktail at the end of a long day can be a great way to unwind, but the actual act of mixing one up can be quite the hassle.  The Bartesian cocktail machine is described as the Nespresso of cocktails, making it one of the best tech gifts for a mom who loves convenience and relaxation.

It’s a bit pricy, but all Mom has to do is fill up the dispenser bottles with her favorite liquor, pop in one of the cocktail k-cups and the machine does the rest of the work. It’s not quite like going to the bar for a favorite cocktail, but if Mom prefers to drink at home and loves her cocktails, this gift is guaranteed to be a hit. 

$349.99 from Amazon

12. LARQ Pure Vis Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Having a reusable water bottle is a great way to reduce the use of single-use plastics, but they can get gross quickly.  LARQ has solved this problem with a self-cleaning insulated stainless steel water bottle that uses a UV light to clean and sanitize the interior of the bottle. It comes in a variety of stylish colors and holds 500ml, so Mom won’t have to refill it as often.

$80.75 from Amazon

She’ll Love These Best Tech Gifts for Mom

The holiday season is fast approaching, and anyone who hasn’t started shopping yet is quickly running out of time.  If Mom is still on the list of people that you haven’t found the perfect gift for, hopefully, these ideas will help to get you started. Start shopping soon!