A New Browser Tab Manager To Check Out: Toby

January 25, 2017 • Devin Partida


tab browsing

Although tabbed browsing is a capability that was theoretically supposed to make it easier to browse the Internet, some people have showed no reserve when adding new tabs to the tops of their browser windows.

When tabs are completely disorganized, it’s no wonder so many of us waste precious time clicking between the different tabs and trying to choose the ones we need. If you can relate to this common situation, it sounds like you need Toby.

Toby is a browser tab manager for Google Chrome that lets you organize tabs in ways that make sense to you. Keep reading to learn why this browser tab manager could change the way you access the Internet and make it so you have more time to devote to things other than sorting through browser tabs and feeling like you’re getting nowhere.

Categorize Your Tabs According to Tasks

Maybe you use certain tabs when you’re at work, but you browse the Internet in an entirely different way when you’re at home. In that case, create lists of tabs for each purpose. When you’re finished using the Internet, just click “Save session” to save all the tabs you were just using and open them with one click the next time you need them.

To create tab lists, just drag and drop the desired tabs into the lists you see within the user-friendly Toby interface. All open tabs appear on the right side of an open Google Chrome browser window.

Rename Your Tabs So They Remind You to Do Things

Toby also includes functionality for renaming tabs. Depending on how you use this browser tab manager, you might first create a list that’s called “Things to Read Every Day” and populate it with tabs for your favorite news sites, the website that contains reliable weather forecasts and the online shopping destinations you check daily for good deals.

In addition to making that list, you could also rename all the tabs within it so they include a “MUST READ” prefix. That way, you have a lot of visual reinforcement that helps you stay as productive as possible online.

Speedily Search for the Tabs You Need

If you can’t remember which list of tabs contains the content you need, simply search for the desired tab by typing associated keywords into the search box of this browser tab manager.

The extension looks through all your open and saved tabs, searching for the specified search terms. Now there’s no need to get off track and waste time by hastily clicking through tabs, hoping to randomly land on the right one.

Quickly Review All Saved Tabs

When using Toby, there are several ways you can access all saved tabs simultaneously. One of the easiest is to simply open a new browser tab to activate the one you’ll likely use most often.

Each time you do so, you’ll see a box with all your lists of saved tabs. Alternatively, click the “All” tab or navigate to a purposeful button embedded into your taskbar that brings up every tab you’ve ever saved, plus their respective lists.

An Award-Winning Option

Like many tech-savvy users, you may hesitate to adopt new browser plugins before knowing if they’re really worthwhile. In case you need some extra encouragement, Toby was ranked as one of the best browser extensions within the Google Chrome Store, and it has been given an award from Product Hunt.

In only four months, over 55,000 users decided to give Toby a try. The average user has 25 tabs associated with the extension, but there’s one power user who has several thousand tabs they manage within Toby. It’s not the only browser tab manager available, but people who have tried it consistently say it works well to help them save time online.

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