How to Get Started Using Minecraft Servers

May 4, 2020 • Devin Partida


is one of the most popular video games of all time — and for good reason. Its
open-world interface provides users with countless hours of exploration,
building and cooperative play. Switching between survival and creative mode
lets gamers balance fending off enemies and creating new worlds. These
abilities are all possible due to Minecraft servers that run the game. 

are several ways to get started using a Minecraft server. Individuals can run
one from their computer and invite friends to play within that
map. Depending on the level of familiarity with Java, some may opt for a
simpler option. Regardless, though, servers are the gateway to diving into a
virtual world. 

three methods offer the best ways to get started.

Minecraft Realms Plus

first — and most common — way to start a Minecraft server is Minecraft Realms
Plus. This program is a beneficial

for those who wish to avoid technical aspects like Java. This method offers its
services for $7.99 per month, and only the host will pay. Everyone else that
joins can enjoy for free. 

subscription-based option comes from Mojang, the developer of Minecraft. Thus,
it connects to the
Minecraft Marketplace
, where the subscriber can access new content that becomes available
every month. Users need to download the software, install it and follow the
instructions to get the server up and running. 

Realms Plus, users will be able to have 10 players at a time on their server.
Additionally, they receive an instant combination of more than 50 Marketplace
packs. These features, in addition to the low technical effort, make Realms
Plus stand out as a popular option for players. 

Plus works with consoles, mobile devices, virtual reality (VR) and Windows 10
devices. Apple products can vary depending on the version, so it’s best to
check before subscribing. 

Mojang Software

next option is free and involves more technical skills than Realms Plus. Also
from Mojang, the server
software the company offers
can help to create a Minecraft platform. Mojang offers two download
options — a standard version and a Java edition. It will depend on preference,
but both options have similar processes to get started.

one option, the choices to “open to LAN” and “start LAN”
will create a temporary connection to invite others onto a server. However, the
Java edition will create more permanent solutions. A listen server is the most
common connection — meaning that the hosts’ internet will let remote users

downloading from the link above, hosts will need to save the file into its own
folder. This additional folder is necessary since running the file will produce
several different folders of its own. After clicking on the program to start
it, the host will then need to access the user license agreement. Then, they
can change “false” to “true” and then re-click on the
program to run it. 

that, the server will start to generate, and the new Minecraft world will
appear on the main app. Refreshing the multiplayer page should make it ready
for use. 


Bukkit is perhaps the most hands-on approach out of these three options. For a
server, getting started
with Bukkit

can take on a number of methods. However, it takes a similar approach to
Mojang’s software procedure. 

the steps, the host will need to download Bukkit from the link above and create
a new folder for the program. Then, they will need to run it and accept the
user license agreement before rerunning. 

is where it starts to differ. The host will now need to open their command
prompt and search “CMD.” Once the program comes up, they’ll need to
right-click on it and select “Run as Administrator.” From there, they
can type in “ipconfig” to get two numbers they need — IPv4 address
and default gateway numbers. 

the gateway number, the user can enter that as a website in a browser. Next,
they can enter the router’s — not the Wi-Fi’s — username and password. Each
router will differ, but they should look for settings or an option to “Single
Port Forward” the router. 

the internal or starting port as “25565” and the ending or external
port as “25565.” Then, make sure to select “UDP” and
“TCP” options so that they are both on. The IP address will be
the IPv4 number from earlier. Once the host saves, all that’s left is to launch
the server. 

the program, and the server will start. For remote users to join, they will
need the router’s IP address. Then, the host can add mods to the new server.

Inviting Others to Join Minecraft

And that’s all it takes to start using Minecraft servers. All that’s left is inviting others to join the new server, which is the easiest process yet. All they need to do is open Minecraft, go into multiplayer and add the server using the server’s — or router’s— IP address and name. Refresh, and then the gameplay can begin!