Cool Things to Build In Minecraft

February 29, 2024 • Zachary Amos


Have you ever wondered what cool things to build in Minecraft? Minecraft is a popular sandbox game where you can unleash your creativity by building anything you can imagine. Create unique structures, landscapes and more, turning the game into your personal canvas for endless possibilities. It’s all about expressing your imagination in a virtual world.

Redstone Contraptions

Redstone in Minecraft is like virtual electricity. A special block lets players create intricate circuits like in real-life electronics. 

You can use it to build anything from simple switches to complex machines, adding a dynamic and technical aspect to the game. It’s Minecraft’s way of letting players dive into the digital engineering within the game.

How It Works

In Minecraft, Redstone works by simulating electrical currents. When you place redstone dust or components, they act like wires and devices in an electrical circuit. 

Redstone signals can transmit power, allowing you to activate doors, lights or other contraptions. Combining components like repeaters, pistons and pressure plates creates intricate systems, enabling players to design everything from hidden doors to automated farms.

Fundamental Basic Elements 

Since Minecraft’s launch in 2022, the game has gathered 141 million active players globally. Achieving one million sales within a month of its beta phase in 2011, the game has sold a remarkable 200 million copies worldwide as of last May 2020.

These essential elements are fundamental to Redstone engineering in Minecraft, enabling players to design a wide array of contraptions, traps and interactive structures within the game:

  • Repeaters: They help Redstone signals travel farther and control the timing of events. They’re like signal boosters that add a delay to make contraptions work smoothly.
  • Pistons: These are blocks that push or pull other blocks. They can move parts of your Minecraft creations, creating doors, elevators or hidden passages.
  • Pressure plates: Pressure plates are blocks that notice when a player or item is on them. They activate Redstone devices, such as doors or traps, when you step on them.

Examples of Redstone Contraptions

Redstone opens the door to a world of ingenious contraptions. These examples showcase the versatility of Redstone, turning Minecraft into a playground for virtual engineering and creativity:

  • Hidden doorways: Utilize pistons and Redstone to create seamless hidden entrances. When a player steps on a pressure plate, it activates the Redstone circuit, causing the pistons to retract and reveal the hidden doorway. This adds an element of surprise and security to your structures.
  • Automatic farms: Constructing an automatic farm involves using Redstone to trigger dispensers that harvest crops. Pistons can also create retractable floors, allowing water to flow and harvest crops efficiently. This automates your farming process.
  • Elevator systems: Elevators powered by Redstone can be made using various designs. For instance, a piston elevator extends and retracts pistons to lift players or items vertically. Incorporating slime blocks adds a bouncy and entertaining aspect to the elevator experience.
  • Redstone clocks: Redstone clocks produce regular pulses of Redstone power. These can be adjusted for different speeds and are the backbone of many automated systems. Whether you’re creating a timed light display or an automated brewing station, these clocks provide the necessary rhythm.
  • Security systems: Redstone can be employed to build sophisticated security systems. Connect pressure plates to hidden dispensers with arrows or other projectiles for an automatic defense mechanism. Combine this with alarm systems to alert you when intruders approach, adding an element of strategy and protection to your base.

Redstone Contraption Ideas

You can implement a diverse range of Redstone contraptions that are functional and decorative elements to enhance your gameplay. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Automatic brewing station: Build a brewing station where ingredients are automatically dispensed into brewing stands, producing potions with the push of a button.
  • Enchanting room with automatic bookshelves: Design a contraption that activates bookshelves around an enchanting table when you want to enchant items. When unused, the bookshelves retract, giving an unobstructed view of the enchanting table.
  • Musical note blocks and jukebox orchestra: Set up a musical orchestra using note blocks and a jukebox. Create tunes and melodies by arranging different note blocks with Redstone triggers.
  • Water or lava bridge control: Use it to control retractable bridges over water or lava. Activate the mechanism when needed, providing safe passage and retracting it for security or aesthetics.
  • Day-night sensor lighting: Set up lamps with a day-night sensor to automatically illuminate your base when it gets dark and turn off during the day, creating energy-efficient lighting systems.

Modern Architecture

You can explore creating modern buildings and structures. From sleek skyscrapers to iconic designs, the game provides a space for expressing your architectural creativity.

Skyscrapers can be designed with varying heights, sleek facades and intricate details. Experiment with the use of glass panes for windows, quartz or concrete for a modern look. Utilize different floor plants to create a diverse skyline within your city.

You can build sustainable structures by adding green features such as rooftop gardens, solar panels and water collection systems. Use materials like stripped spruce logs or bamboo for a natural touch. Integrate energy-efficient lighting solutions using Redstone lamps or daylight sensors.

Collaborate with other players to tackle large-scale urban-planning projects, combining individual creative efforts to construct a vibrant virtual city. Think of opting for Minecraft Realms Plus. It allows you to host up to 10 players currently on your server. Plus, you get immediate access to over 50 Marketplace packs bundled together.

Plan your modern city with organized streets, plazas and parks. Use different building heights and styles to create a visually interesting skyline. 

Replicate iconic structures with precision and attention to detail. Whether it’s the Taj Mahal’s intricate patterns or the Eiffel Tower’s iron lattice, use a mix of blocks to capture the essence of these landmarks—reference real-world blueprints or images to ensure accuracy.

Redstone Minigames

Redstone is more than just a building material—it’s also a tool to create exciting games and challenges. You can use it to design adventures, puzzles, races and more, turning the game into an interactive playground. Here are some ideas:

  • Adventure maps: Craft intricate adventure maps with Redstone-powered puzzles, traps and hidden doors. Challenge players to navigate through your custom-designed world. SkyBlock v2.1 is the top adventure map in Minecraft which has 2,389,430 downloads.
  • Puzzle rooms: Design puzzle rooms where players must solve Redstone-based challenges to progress. This could involve activating specific switches, arranging blocks or decoding Redstone signals.
  • Parkour challenges: Create parkour courses where Redstone mechanisms control moving platforms, timed jumps or disappearing blocks, adding a twist to traditional parkour.
  • Casino games: Build a virtual casino with Redstone-powered slot machines, roulette wheels and card games. Players can try their luck and experience the thrill of a Minecraft casino.
  • Target shooting range: Construct a shooting range with moving targets. Players can compete against each other to showcase their accuracy and speed.

Building in Minecraft

The possibilities for creating cool things in Minecraft are as boundless as your imagination. So pick up your pickaxe, let your creativity flow and build the Minecraft world of your dreams. Happy building.