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How the CoverMe App Is Making Communication Private and Safe

May 13, 2022 • Shannon Flynn


Most smartphone users don’t think twice about who could be lurking before sending a private text message or placing a call. These days, mobile devices store lots of our personal information. So, it’s becoming increasingly clear that this information might not be as secure as many might think.

The Concerns of Communication

While communication has become much more accessible, privacy and security have been ignored for years by industry powerhouses. Even the most trusted companies have been found guilty of tracking user information and accessing it.

Facebook is one of those companies that top the list. Media reports later revealed that the company was involved in harvesting 87 million peoples’ user information for targeted advertising — more particularly political advertising.

Other cyber-related incidents involve cybercriminals compromising customer information. For instance, one cyberattack on an Australian government agency in New South Wales shows a data breach of 186,000 customers’ personal information. In addition, 47 government office employees were affected by the phishing campaign. 

These security breaches indicate that a cyber threat can impact anyone — and more people need to pay attention to these issues. Think about each time you install a new app or hand over your private information — hackers can access and retrieve data at any point.

Thanks to encrypted messaging and phone call apps, like the CoverMe app, you can be sure to secure your personal data from hackers.

What Is the CoverMe App?

The CoverMe app is a tool that provides users secure and private communications for both voice and text. You can use it to make and receive encrypted phone calls via an additional phone number for US and Canadian users. 

One of the benefits of using a secure communication app, like CoverMe, is it won’t eat your data because it works over Wi-Fi and cellular data connections.

The CoverMe app provides many other features for personal calling and text messaging. For instance, it has a vault for storing images and documents you wouldn’t otherwise want someone to see on your smartphone. Plus, it uses a PIN code to protect your information.

How the CoverMe App Works

Once you download CoverMe on Android or iOS, you have to set up a passcode to maintain your content’s security. Keep in mind that you have no way of recovering your passcode once you lose it. It’s important to write down your passcode if you forget the PIN. 

Once you set up your account, the app will provide you with a CoverMe ID, allowing other users to add you as a friend. You can also invite friends to use CoverMe via Facebook, other social networks, text messaging and email.

Keeping Your Information Secure

In the Vault, you’ll find categorized compartments where you can store photos, videos, notes, audio, passwords and more. You also have the option to browse the internet securely within the app. 

One thing you might like about the CoverMe app is the self-destructing messages. You can enjoy the limitless texting app using a new number to keep information private and send texts off the record. In addition, you’re able to make phone calls using a new line with your existing cell phone service.

Combine these services with high-level encryption, and you get to exchange sensitive information without being intercepted by prying eyes. As a result, you get end-to-end encryption and you won’t have to think about CoverMe storing your data on their servers.

Costs of the CoverMe App

The CoverMe App isn’t cheap. Its basic mini-private call plan starts at $7.99 per month, and the vault costs extra. To get an unlimited package with text and 3,000 voice minutes, you must pay $99.99 per year. However, the price is worth the tradeoff of keeping your information secure from cybercriminals.

Keep in mind the monthly plan provides voice credits. When making a call within the US, this can cost one credit per minute. In addition, it costs one credit per SMS on certain plans. So, if you’re a heavy user, you can soon burn through your monthly or quarterly credits. However, you can add on extra credits at any time. 

Keep Your Information Locked and Secured

As hackers become savvier with technological advancements, it’s crucial to keep your private information secure. The CoverMe app takes communication to another level by focusing on privacy and trust. Users can remain anonymous and have peace of mind regarding their privacy.

More importantly, CoverMe restricts third parties from accessing your data. So if you want to keep your private information secure, add protection with an encrypted communication app like CoverMe.