Workout Memes That Will Inspire You to Exercise

January 5, 2018 • Rehack Team


It’s a new year, and, for many people, that means one thing: The time is right to focus on fitness. Whether you’re a gym regular, restarting your routine or exercising for the first time, though, you can use as much inspiration as you can get to spur your efforts.

That’s where workout memes come in. Yes, something as simple as a picture on the Internet can help motivate you to run that extra mile, finish that extra rep or breathe a little bit deeper into that stretch.

The messages range from funny to fierce, but they all have the same effect: They’ll put you in a positive mindset, one of the best ways to motivate yourself to achieve your fitness goals.

You can find workout memes everywhere, but the following 15 are our favorites. Scroll down, screenshot and see just how much they inspire you through your 2019 workouts and beyond:



This is an especially relatable meme if you’re resuming a workout routine or starting from scratch. No matter what you do to soothe your muscles post-exercise, they still ache — but, as this meme reminds you, you can definitely power through.



Here’s another one that’s perfect for days when you just can’t seem to drag yourself to the gym. It’s a reminder that, even if you take your intensity down a notch or two, you’re still working out — and that’s what’s important.



It’s January, so your gym is likely pretty busy with New Year’s Resolutioners who are ready to get in shape. Let this meme inspire you to go at odd times, like early morning, afternoon or later on the weekends, when you’ll have free reign of the floor.



Are you hitting the gym with a buddy? If so, bravo. It’s a surefire way to stick to your workout routine. But, if your exercise partner ever tries to bail on you, you have the perfect meme to send their way.



This one is straight up inspirational if you’re having trouble seeing the big picture. Stick to it and, soon, you’ll see self-improvement.



See!? You’re not the only one.



No matter how much you love exercising, everyone has those days — the kind that make them want to curl up in bed instead of sweating it out. But this meme tells you to get mad — and get through it.



You may have the day off from work, but that doesn’t always mean you get the day off from the gym, too. One look at this meme, and you’ll be sweating every Saturday from here on out.



No matter how obstacles stand before you — and, yes, that includes people waiting to use the machine you want — you are unstoppable.



Don’t ever forget that baby steps are steps nonetheless. As your fitness journey progresses, all of those little improvements will add up to something huge.



No explanation needed. Just don’t let him down.



It’s not just about societal expectations or your own #bodygoals. It’s the fact that you’re taking care of your health, and that should be your main motivator.



When the struggle to get to the gym is real, just remember this: You’re going to feel soooo good afterward.



Whether it’s your booty or your back, your arms or your legs, that area you’ve been working is improving — just think how amazing it’s going to feel when other people start noticing, too.



We started with a meme that inspired you to power through the pain and keep up with your routine. However, this adorable, puppy-centric pic reminds you that it’s important to rest to achieve your goals, too. Give yourself time to recuperate and you’ll find that your next workout is that much more powerful and rewarding.

In fact, with the right motivation, every single one of your workouts will give you those feel-good vibes — and make you look great, too. A meme can inspire you to succeed, of course, but so can your hard work, which you put in day in and day out at the gym.