Voice-Based Security Is Coming To Wearables

January 6, 2018 • Devin Partida


Imagine you walk into a bank. You step up to the counter and are asked to authenticate who you are. Typically, your photo ID would do. However, this is the future. And voice-based technology is the new standard model of security. But, how do the bankers know it’s really your voice getting used? The sound is easy to replicate.

Well, a solution popped up recently that’s about to change the future of security — and it’s coming to wearables!

What’s This All About?

Your voice signature is unique, but as devices such as Google Assistant and Alexa respond to voice commands, how can you be sure someone doesn’t spoof your voice? This idea can lead to some dangerous consequences when voice technology guards things such as your bank account.

To make sure it’s really your voice, researchers created a small wearable device called VAuth. Short for “voice authentication,” this small piece of wearable technology acts as an overseer of your devices. When you speak, the little device picks up on the vibrations your voice gives off. These vibrations read at specific points VAuth can understand.

When you need to log into something using your voice, the device makes sure you are the real you and not some impersonator. It’s an incredible piece of technology, and it gets even better since it’s getting used in a variety of wearable devices.

But, with this type of technology, which wearables will employ this device?

1. Android Wear 2.0

One of the devices that match perfectly with voice recognition is a smartwatch, specifically the Android Wear 2.0. How the VAuth works with the wearable devices is quite simple.

When you speak, the VAuth you wear captures the vibrations of your voice. It then matches it with your device — in this case, the Android Wear 2.0 — and you can log in to the device. No one will be allowed to hack into the device using imitation sounds.

The VAuth is sure to protect your devices and make sure you feel comfortable and secure in using it.

2. Martian Watch

The Martian Watch is in a league of its own. It features a slew of smart abilities, including the availability to track your fitness goals and progress. With a host of available features, the security is one of the critical elements. The watch showcases the way in which voice authentication gets used.

Featuring an easy-to-use interface, making sure your watch has access to all the things only you should be seeing is a big deal. The Martian Watch helps bring this into reality as the technology blends seamlessly in with your other pieces of wearable technology.

3. CoWatch

Out of all the pieces of wearable technology, watches seem to be the one that gets the most attention. Whether that’s from the ease of use or the already prime market for smartwatches, it’s easy to see that the smartwatch is the focus of voice authentication and wearable technology.

One of these watches that utilizes voice authentication is the CoWatch. Not only does it include much of the functionality of other smartwatches, but it also features the use of Amazon’s Alexa. It’s the first smartwatch to do so and relies on this fact to draw you in.

The watch contains 1GB of RAM and 8GB of flash storage. The security is also something not to scoff at. Using the voice authentication, you can rest assured that your accounts and features on your watch are safe and sound!

However, smartwatches aren’t the only devices you can use the VAuth technology with.

4. Google Glass

Although the first iteration of Google Glass didn’t exactly take off as expected, you can most certainly bet that Google (or another company) will profit off this idea. However, even with the lackluster profits of Google Glass, the product is still used — and it still links to voice authentication.

You can use your voice to access apps through the device. It’s quite handy when you need to get something done quickly. Instead of taking the time to pull out your phone and perform a task, you can just use your voice to access the information you need.

5. The Future of Wearable Security and Voice Technology

The modern world relies on technology, and this technology tends to get smaller and faster. As such, it’s worth noting how smart devices are beginning to show signs of becoming the dominant trend. With this truth in tow, it would be best for you to get ahead of the curve.

Buying into wearable technology is a no-brainer. Not only that, but this wearable technology is even more advanced with features such as voice authentication. Security is paramount. So, take the precaution and research security items such as the VAuth. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn!