Working From Home? Here’s the Tech That Can Help

April 7, 2020 • Devin Partida

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The coronavirus has disputed all daily life across the globe. From businesses to socializing, everything is on pause. Some companies transitioned to working from home, however. If you’re one of the many trying to make that adjustment, you might be looking for tech that can help. 

Working from home can be distracting — it gives the feel that you’re at home, but really, you need to get in the mindset of work. Luckily, there are gadgets, upgrades and software you can turn to in order to make your transition as smooth as possible. 

You’ll most likely want to order online to help social distancing and slow the spread of COVID-19. 


First, you’ll want to make sure your Wi-Fi connection is up-to-date. Depending on your company’s setup, you might be using resources that require a strong bandwidth. If you have an older router, it could be time for a new one. With modern routers, you can get dual or triple band networks. These typically come with 2.4GHz and 5GHz options, with the latter being faster and more efficient. 

The kind you get will depend on your household. If you have more people using your Wi-Fi, you’ll want to invest in one that has more range throughout your home and can support prolonged device use.


Many factors can influence whether you invest in a desktop or laptop. Depending on your work, a desktop may be better for handling big workloads. For tasks that require more processing power, a PC or iMac are popular options. Desktops are reliable and have stronger power than laptops. However, laptops are more portable. They are growing in their ability to handle processing and might be a better option if you like to move around when you work.

Something else to consider is ergonomics. Do you prefer looking straight on at a desktop instead of down at a laptop? Perhaps you prefer the adjustable screen of a laptop? After optimizing your computer, learn some accompanying tips to boost your output.

Get the comfort of working anywhere with the ease of working from a desk with this affordable lap desk for your laptop!

Productivity Tools

Distractions can be everywhere when you start working from home. From family to pets to social media and your bed, things may sway you from being productive. However, some tools can help you stay on track and keep your focus. 

Timely, for example, is a productivity tool that reduces distractions with just a few clicks. It helps you organize your work shifts into time intervals, including breaks, and can help develop habits to get into peak productivity. It will manage your time to your advantage and monitor which apps you use, too. 


Cybersecurity is a growing threat. If you’re working from home, you may be handling sensitive information that requires better protection than what you currently have. Antivirus from Norton is one of the best and most popular ways to protect against viruses and malware. 

You can purchase one of Norton’s packages, install it and you’ll be all set. Having this added protection, especially in a time of uncertainty during, will be a layer of digital comfort. Norton provides a secure VPN, backups, virus and malware protection and password management.

Keyboard and Mouse 

These two things may seem unsuspecting at first. However, they contribute to your overall comfort and ease of use while working. Depending on if you have a laptop or desktop, you might want to invest in a different keyboard or mouse.

A keyboard that doesn’t have enough depth when you click the keys may slow you down. Experts and users have responded well to Apple’s Magic Keyboard and it’s comfort. With a mouse, you’ll want to decide if you prefer your laptop’s built-in mouse or if you want an external one. People tend to react positively to Logitech’s options for mice due to the comfort they provide and abilities. 

Google Drive

Google Drive has become one of the most popular file storage and creation services out there. With Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Calendar and more, you’ll find everything you need to stay organized. Many companies already use Google Drive since it’s a free service that automatically comes with your Gmail account. 

Companies can take it a step further by creating a G-Suite where employees share all files together with access from any device at any time. 


Headphones can be important for a number of reasons. If you have distractions around you or live in a noisy area, noise-canceling headphones can help drown it all out so you can get to work. You may also want to invest in a pair if you’re going to be having a lot of meetings, as they improve overall audio quality. 

A pair of noise-canceling Beats headphones could do just the trick. Then, you can focus and get to work.

The Best Tech for Working From Home

Are you one of many currently working from home? If so, keep your productivity up with the top tech devices above.