Work From Home Successfully With These Focus Tips

October 11, 2019 • April Miller


Would you like to learn more about how to work from home successfully?

Remote work removes the stress of office politics and leaves you with nothing but focus and clarity — most of the time. You’ve probably realized that working from home requires a different mindset from what you employ at the office. You don’t have colleagues and bosses watching your moves, but the lack of guidance can be jarring for some. And if you’re a person who prefers direction, you’ll need to implement some ways to discipline yourself and maintain your focus through the day.

All you need to do is adjust your working style to suit an at-home workplace. Check out these seven tips so you can learn to work from home successfully.

1. Avoid Multitasking

The world once thought of multitasking as a great skill to have. Who doesn’t want to complete more work in less time? Unfortunately, it rarely works out this well for most people. The reality of multitasking shows you can’t devote your full attention and care to several tasks at once. Most people either complete them below their usual standards or don’t finish them in the allotted time.

This inability to concentrate is why you can switch between assignments for an entire day, feel beyond exhausted and yet have a pile of unfinished work left. Devote your effort to one task a time until you complete it. You’ll accustom yourself to doing deep work, which teaches you how to focus on individual goals for hours at a time.

2. Organize Everything

You might leave papers strewn over your desk with no boss present to have you clean them up, but organizing your area maintains your sanity. Working from home follows the same principle as any in-office job — keep your space clean. Only keep the tools you need for work on your table or desk. Set these essentials out each night to avoid hunting for them in the morning. File folders, binders, pencil holders and desk drawers exist for all your organizational desires.

3. Remove Distractions

Maybe you often find yourself falling victim to distractions during the workday. Messy rooms, stacks of laundry and hyperactive neighbors are obvious nuisances, but silence can be a surprising foe. Many people think they’ll do well in a quiet environment until they realize how unsettling it can be.

A playlist can effectively fill the emptiness as long as it consists of non-distracting songs. Classical music is relaxing and prevents the urge to sing along, but you can listen to any instrumentals if Beethoven isn’t your thing.

Use a room divider and a pair of noise-canceling headphones to carve out a peaceful space if you struggle to tune out a noisy house.

4. Nurture a Happy Mindset

Did you know that happy workers are more productive? A study showed that participants who received “happiness shocks” — funny videos or snacks — completed tasks at a rate of 12% greater productivity than the control group. Over 65% of managers agree that remote employees generally accomplish more than in-office workers. It’s safe to assume this is because of the heightened moods and lower stress.

Remote work allows you to clock in on your own time and wear whatever you want, so it’s no surprise if you often wake up wanting to seize the day. Trudging through work with a disheartened demeanor slows your productivity and disturbs your focus. Your employers will notice it even if you don’t — try to start each day on a positive note.

5. Define Your Work Hours

You’ll benefit from forming a schedule if you don’t work a set number of hours every day. Otherwise, you’ll walk into the trap of putting off easy assignments for later and working up until nighttime. Incorporate breaks within your plan, but don’t make them unreasonably long — like two or three hours. You don’t have to start or end work at the same time daily, but your schedule should show enough consistency to keep you focused.

6. Set a Goal List for Each Day

Know what you’re going to do before you do it. Avoid frazzled days by creating a list of goals each night before ending work. You’ll have your objectives ready right when you sit down, and all you have to do is start them. This method isn’t as restrictive as you’d assume, either. You can make adjustments whenever things come up or lengthen your time blocks as necessary. A goal list serves as a guideline, not a rule.

7. Find the Perfect Environment

Your issues with focus may arise from your working environment. The setting is too familiar, and your mind keeps drifting to personal obligations and chores you need to complete. Make a change of scenery to achieve the maximum workflow. Some remote workers use coffee shops, coworking spaces and other public areas. These spots are different from the expected set up, but successfully working from home doesn’t need to occur in your living quarters.

Sharpen Your Focus at Work

Look forward to doing your job each day by improving your focus and accepting assignments with a cheerful mind. You can work from home successfully when you cultivate motivation and gratitude. Hopefully, these seven tips will bring you closer to achieving your goals.