Why Energy Drinks Aren’t Always a Good Choice

February 25, 2016 • Rehack Team


There’s a reason why energy drinks aren’t called “productivity drinks.”

Energy drinks are a cheap and familiar option when you’re trying to get that extra boost of energy that will get you through the day. It’s easy to reach for a can of Red Bull or a shot of 5-Hour Energy when you’re falling asleep at your desk in the middle of the afternoon. An energy drink gets the blood flowing, and before you know it, you’re practically sprinting around the office.

But then the crash comes. It’s hard to believe a few minutes ago you were running around high-fiving every co-worker in sight. Now you’re back at your desk struggling to stay awake. What happened?

The Dangers of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks aren’t regulated well by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, so you should take the nutritional facts with a grain of salt.

These beverages are packed with caffeine. For example, a 16 fl. oz. can of Bang Energy Drink has 357 mg of caffeine. Many experts believe adults should consume 400 mg of caffeine a day, so having two of those energy drinks will put you way over the daily limit.

Many people also forget this, but caffeine is technically a drug because it stimulates your central nervous system. There will be side effects when you overdose on caffeine, and symptoms can include dizziness, headaches and vomiting.

Extreme cases of overdose could cause hallucinations, irregular heartbeat and seizures. Caffeine overdose from drinking too many energy drinks have caused death, especially in those who have a heart condition.

Why Energy Drinks Don’t Make You More Productive

Despite waking you up a little more, energy drinks don’t make you more productive.

Just think about those symptoms of too much caffeine. Do you work well when you are dizzy and have headaches? Of course not. Being awake at your desk doesn’t mean you are being productive, either.

The large amount of sugar and caffeine you just put into your body will eventually leave your bloodstream, and soon enough, you’ll be even more tired than you were before you took a sip of your energy drink.

Energy drinks are a very short-term solution to a much bigger problem in your life. There are other ways to increase your energy throughout the day, and they are much healthier for you.

Healthy Alternatives

There are plenty of ways to easy and healthy ways to gain energy throughout the day and be more productive. The best part is they don’t damage your body in any way, either. Take a look at the following:

  • Get adequate sleep. The first thing you have to do is make sure you sleep well. Try to go to bed at the same time each day and get into a routine.You’ll also want make sure your sleep is restful, so turn off your electronics at least 30 minutes before bed and wind down by reading a book or by meditating. The lack of technology makes your brain less stimulated, and a good book or meditation can relax you and help you fall asleep easier.
  • Get regular exercise. Exercising regularly boosts your metabolism and energy levels, no matter what time of day you’re able to fit your workout in. However, exercising in the morning helps to get your day started on the right track. A solid 30-minute jog or walk first thing will get the blood flowing and help you maintain your concentration throughout the day.
  • Eat healthy. There are also some foods that can boost your energy. Almonds, oatmeal, kale and bananas are some great snacks you can eat at your desk when you’re feeling tired. Having a healthy diet is important because the right nutrients will flow to your brain and make you more productive.
  • Grab a cup of black coffee. If you really need some caffeine, then a cup of black coffee will do the trick. A cup or two of coffee every day actually has some health benefits, too — one of which is a temporary boost in memory and brain function that can help keep you focused.

Put Down the Can

So throw away that can of your favorite energy drink and reach instead for a healthy snack or a cup of coffee. You could even go for a walk. You will be much more awake and productive — and there won’t be a nasty crash later.