What to Do When You Just Can’t Wake Up

January 6, 2015 • Rehack Team


We’ve all had those days where it’s felt pretty much impossible to get out of bed, but the worst days are when the tiredness seems to stick around throughout the day. Many of us are programmed to reach for as much coffee as we can get our hands on to keep going; however, there are many other ways to shake the sleepiness.

So pull your head out from under that pillow and try a few of these tricks that are sure to keep you going on even the worst of days.

Eat Well

What you’re putting in your body throughout the day is actually a very big factor when it comes to waking up. Eating certain foods will produce sluggish results. Apples are a great option because the fructose in them acts as a natural sugar to jumpstart your energy.

Stand in the Sun

It turns out that there’s a science to this whole light during the day and dark at night thing. Getting some fresh air and sunlight can actually do wonders for rejuvenating yourself. Take a step outside the house or the office and you’ll start to feel better instantly. It’s even a natural stress reliever.

Get Moving

If you’re sitting at a desk all day or on your couch, you’re obviously going to be feeling low. One of the best ways to wake up is to get your body moving. Walk around the office building, go up and down the stairs a few times, or even just stretch and touch your toes. All of these things will help you feel better in no time.

Listen to Music

A lot of people tend to turn up the radio when they have to drive home late at night because it keeps them awake and alert. You can do the same on those days that you’re feeling sluggish. Put your earphones in and play some fun and upbeat tunes that will boost your spirit. You can even sing along.

Interact With Others

If you’re blowing off the world, you’re going to stay in your state of exhaustion. Making small talk with those around you will definitely perk you up. If you’re feeling secluded, maybe call your mom or a friend and engage in a light conversation that’ll require some attention. The urge to be polite will definitely make a difference during those moments you just can’t seem to keep your eyes open.

Look Flashy

All the fashion lovers out there will be thrilled to know that your ensemble can actually affect your productivity. If you’re all snuggled up in your sweats, you’re going to stay in that sleepy state of mind. Wearing something that makes you feel more put together will keep you active. If you’re at work, maybe take off your sweater. The chill alone will help you wake up.

Hydrate with Zest

It seems that water is always the answer, and when it comes to waking up, there is no exception. Whether it’s being splashed on your face, chilled in the shower or sipped from a glass with some ice cubes, water will work its magic. Throw a lemon in your water and the vitamin C will enhance your immune system.

Being tired can affect your entire day and will eventually distract you from a lot of important events, so it’s important to combat that fatigue as quickly as possible. These small tricks are so easy to integrate into your lifestyle, whether it’s at home or in the office. Not only will you wake up, but you will feel and perform better too.