Productivity Tools That Will Help You Manage Your Day

January 23, 2018 • Zachary Amos


We could all be better at managing our day. Luckily, technology has helped us develop a bunch of modern productivity tools to assist us. Check out these productivity tools and see which ones you can use to make your day go smoother.

1. 1Focus

This app is a lifesaver. If you need to focus on your homework or are bringing home tasks from the office, it lets you block distracting apps and websites so you can fix your attention solely on the task at hand. With the Internet, it’s so easy to start opening tabs and get away from what you’re supposed to be doing. This productivity tool forces you to put a stop to distractions so you can focus on your work.

2. The SELF Journal

If you like your productivity tools to be more old-school, this journal is perfect for you. However, instead of being a plain notebook, the SELF Journal is specifically tailored to help you meet all your goals for the day. Write down your goals each day, then what you accomplished. Plus, it’ll feel great to look back on the journal after you’ve finished it and see everything you got done. You may surprise yourself!

3. Moleskine Smart Writing Set

This tool gives you the best of both worlds – old and new. Take notes, draw diagrams and do whatever else you need to with the smart pen and notebook. The companion app then takes everything you’ve done in the notebook and digitizes it, so you can email and print any of the notes you took down, as well as save them for later if needed. It’s ideal for students, especially if professors don’t allow laptops in class for notes.

4. Light Phone

We’re all a bit too attached to our smartphones these days. And while they’re great for a lot of things, they can also be a big distraction. The Light Phone is a second phone with the same number as your current one. It’s just a slim, simple phone with a clock, number pad and calling abilities. It’s a lot easier to be productive at something if your phone isn’t constantly buzzing with emails and texts. If someone really needs you, they’ll have to call.

5. Doodle

This app makes scheduling meetings and events a breeze. You can suggest dates and times that work for you and share them with the people you’re inviting. They can choose which meeting times work for them, so you can settle on a decent time slot that fits with everyone’s schedules. Connect it with Google Calendar, so you can automatically see every event you have coming up, without having to enter it all manually.

6. Ringly

If the Apple Watch isn’t your style, check out Ringly. They specialize in smart bracelets and rings you’ll actually want to wear. They feature gold and precious jewels, but they also connect to more than 200 apps so you can get notifications via vibrations and colored LED lights. Why not be both fashionable and productive?

7. Hours

Hours is an app that shows you just how productive you really are. It tracks the time you spend on the tasks you’re supposed to be doing, as well as how much time you waste by procrastinating or getting distracted. If you’re feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, Hours might give you a rude awakening as to how much time you’re spending scrolling through a Facebook feed or playing games.

8. Momentum

The best way to ensure you stay productive is by making a habit out of it. Each day you do a certain task, the chain gets longer, and you’re more likely to continue doing it. It also gives you reminders so you don’t forget, as well as a feature to take a day off if there are certain tasks you don’t do on the weekend, and you can take notes on tasks so you can get all the details right. Momentum helps you continue to be a better you.

It’s time to make sure you’re being as productive as possible. Check out some of these productivity helpers and see if you can implement them in your life. You’ll be happy with the results!