Personal Growth and Development Tips: The 30 Best Ones To Know

April 18, 2017 • Rehack Team


Constantly improving is one of the cornerstones of a successful life. While it may seem difficult, there are numerous ways you can practice personal growth and development every day. This list compiles 30 of the best personal growth and development tips to help you improve one day at a time.

1. Be Practical

This helps you keep your head in check. It’s wonderful to dream and you should do it often, but take small, bite-sized steps to achieve your goals.

2. Give 100%

If you give 100% for whatever you’re attempting, you won’t be disappointed. Giving it your all is the only thing you can really do in life. Even if you fail, you can be proud you went all in.

3. Be a Leader

Leading can seem tough and scary, but it takes practice, like anything else. Try on a leadership role to build confidence in your abilities and yourself.

4. Get the Required Skills

To improve any facet of life, make sure you’re taking steps that help you. If you want to make video games, take programming classes. If you’re interested in dancing, find some local class to put your moves to work.

5. Don’t Procrastinate

Tomorrow never comes. Do it today.

6. Take Pride in Yourself Everyday

It’s important to take pride in yourself. You’re amazing, and it’s time you start showing it. If you don’t support yourself, others may not. You are your number one cheerleader, so love, support and be kind and humble to yourself — others will notice.

7. Help Others

Helping others is key to your personal growth and development. Not only does it reset your mind frame on life, but it gives you confidence in yourself. It also offers perspective. When you see the troubles others face, it can help you put your issues in context.

8. Live One Day at a Time

It’s easy to overthink and to get wrapped up in “what if” scenarios. Live in the moment, and you’ll find life is a lot easier to handle.

9. Embrace Discipline

You won’t get far without discipline. Discipline helps you navigate life’s pitfalls and gets you through some of life’s difficult challenges. Sometimes, this is hard to self-regulate, but it means sticking through tough times, despite setbacks.

10. Teach Others

Teaching is another form of helping. The act of teaching others improves both your life and theirs, and you can pass on the skills you love to another.

11. Stop Trying to Impress

We have to impress others to some degree — to get the job or a second date. If that’s your only goal, though, you might be missing out. If you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself, you’ll feel a lot better than if you went out and tried to achieve the goals posed by others.

12. Read Self-Help Books

People often discount self-help books, but they offer a lot of wisdom. Treat them like a grocery store — pick up what you need and leave the rest on the shelf. Books that offer insight into yourself can help you clear your mind and refocus on your goals and ambitions.

13. Don’t Be Materialistic

Materialism is only going to lead down a bad road, so it’s important to look around you and soak up the experiences you’re feeling around you. Enjoy the experiences in your life, not the things that you have.

14. Be Creative

Even if you’re not creative, it will vastly help your personal growth and development if you get out of your comfort zone and create. The mere action of drawing, journaling or knitting helps you gain confidence and lets you have some fun in the process.

15. Be Ambitious

Controlled ambitiousness is the key here. Go for the gold, and remember to tackle your goals and objectives in life. Ambition to the detriment of fun may get you far, but will you be happy when you get there?

16. Pursue Hobbies

Doing what you love to do puts you in a good mood. A good mood leads to less stress and you can get a lot more done in your life if you’re less stressed. Find something you like to do, that’s not related to work, and give it space in your life.

17. Love Yourself

Self-respect is supremely important to your personal growth and development. There are some things you can’t change about who you are — your second toe may always be longer than your first, but if you spend time being frustrated with what you can’t change, you are losing your life. Love yourself for who you are — it makes a huge difference in self-improvement.

18. Focus on Your Strengths

While you may want to eliminate your weaknesses, try and focus on your strengths. Doing so will boost your improvement by accentuating your positives and giving you confidence. You may be ready to tackle those weaknesses once you have some success under your belt.

19. Eat Healthily

Food does so many good things for your body — if you’re eating the right stuff. The right type of food fuels both your body and your mind and is essential for personal growth and development.

20. Spend Time with Creative People

Get to know some creative people. They’ll be your rocks and the people you lean on when your life becomes too much.

21. Maintain Positive Habits

Positive habits help you keep a positive life. Eating right, getting plenty of rest and exercising are just a few of the habits you can start doing.

22. Listen

One of the most powerful things you can do in this world is to listen. You would be surprised what you hear if you just stop and listen. You might be surprised at how it helps your business and personal relationships.

23. Learn From Failure

Failure is an integral part of life. When you try anything, know that failing is the first step into succeeding at whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish.

24. Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is something everyone needs, but not everyone tends to get a lot of. If you’re going through a stage of personal growth and development, then it’s important that you get plenty of rest and recharge both your mind and your body.

25. Breathe

This may sound simple, but breathing techniques are an amazing, non-medical alternative to conquering your stresses. Better breathing techniques relax the body, calm the nerves and get your mind back on track so you can take back your life.

26. Be Curious

Forget about the cat — curiosity can take you great lengths in your life. It’s beneficial for your personal growth and development to continue to be curious and question the world around you.

27. Volunteer

Helping people is a great first step — mow the elderly neighbor’s yard or bring food to a sick friend — but scheduling time to volunteer is the next step to transforming your life. Be a regular mentor to a child through a Big Brother/Sister program or devote a few hours a week to helping at a local hospice.

28. Do Anything

It’s extremely easy to sit back and watch television and let your brain wander into a haze. While this is sometimes useful to destress, you’ll feel better if you get off the couch and make the world a better place.

29. Let Go of Bad Habits

It may be difficult to change bad habits, but it’s important for your personal growth and development to get comfortable with this change and to let the bad habits go. It takes time, but working at better habits every day will pay off in the long run.

30. Reflect

Reflecting on your day, your week or even your life can offer you perspective — how will you make the goals you set forth happen? How can today be better than tomorrow. It doesn’t take long, but taking time to reflect is a positive step towards gaining a positive perspective on life.

Growing is like learning — it never has to stop. Try some of these tips to encourage change it your life, and enjoy the happy results.